plugin compatability with mavericks...listed anywhere?

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plugin compatability with mavericks...listed anywhere?

Post by djcyph » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:14 am

is there any threads or lists on the net for checking plugin compatibility. im upgrading my MPB ram and getting a SSD in the optical drive and trying to figure out if its finally safe to upgrade to mavericks, im still on leopard

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Re: plugin compatability with mavericks...listed anywhere?

Post by Khazul » Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:16 am

Do a backup first, upgrade and see how it goes.

In some ways maverick seems marginally faster, but at the same time I think it may be marginally less good at audio - ie Im seeing slightly less cpu use, but sound breakup seems to occur at slightly lower load. Plugin wise I havent had an problems yet. The one that concerns me the most is NI Komplete 8 as I just cant afford to upgrade to 9 ultimate yet - so far it seems OK, but TBH I havnt had much time to try it.

Without doing any proper tests, subectively projects on external storage (2011 MBP 17 -> FW800, USB2 or eSata via express card) dont seem to be as good as with previous OS which would explan the earlier audio breakup behaviour I sometimes see, so Im replacing the main HD with a 1TB SSD which hopefully should arrive today and going to clean install so I can reorgnise everything to work entirely of the SSD.
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