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Equilibre EQ permanently shuts off track when automated

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 12:05 am
by Russound
I like using the free Vst plugin Equilibre for basic EQ mixing, but when I configure parameters of the plugin and later change them in the arrangement window, (often it's something like gradually turning up the bass) it completely shuts off the audio for the whole track. The editor window shows incoming audio up until the plugin where it shows nothing. There is nothing in the plugin that indicates that it is off other than the lack of audio. Hitting undo in Live to undo the parameter changes that apparently caused it to stop working doesn't correct the issue. Everything is back to normal but the audio still stops at the plugin.
The only way to undo this is to completely delete the plugin from the track and then add it back in again.
Is there some setting in Live that is causing it to do this, maybe like a max low frequency that will then shut off what ever is causing it. If so is there any way to disable it from doing this because it is very annoying? Or is this just a matter of a shitty plugin?