Softsynth with velocity-aftertouch-wheel responsive presets?

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Softsynth with velocity-aftertouch-wheel responsive presets?

Post by ciw » Sat May 24, 2014 10:44 am

On my good old Korg Prohecy, near enough every preset responds in interesting ways to velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel and two other controllers (log+ribbon, a bit like an xy pad).

Now while I can program synths all day if I'm in the mood, I do like having a bunch of presets to flick through and jam with while focussing on my keyboard - rather than programming - skills. But I have yet to find any softsynth, or 3rd party preset bank for one, that lives up to the Prophecy in terms of responsiveness to those inputs. I'm willing to ditch the requirement for xy controls as I haven't even found one yet that makes best use of velocity, aftertouch and wheel.

You'd think omnisphere with its multisamples would be an obvious candidate. To be fair the omni patches are all velocity sensitive (apart from organs, which shouldn't be) but they still don't do anything much with aftertouch. Massive similarly.

Does anyone have other suggestions - either for the factory bank of a particular softsynth or a 3rd party bank for one?

Cheers :)

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