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Logic's Clip Distortion in Ableton

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:01 pm
by Down8ch
So, in my journey through sound design, I came across a audio effect device called Clip Distortion that is native to Logic Pro. I wondered what made it unique and if that particular device could be re-imagined in Ableton, either as a rack or M4L device.

Context: I'm looking to do some sound design in the realm of hardstyle. The Clip Distortion device came up at multiple points in my search to find how to go about sound design for the genre.

After looking up a basic signal flow chart for how that device works, it's basically like this:

Input signal => Drive => High Pass Filter => Nonlinear Distortion (Symmetry) => Low Pass Filter => Mix => Low Pass Filter => High Shelf

*There are separate gain parameters for the input and output signal. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge, but I didn't understand the difference between the input gain and the drive parameter. Are they not the same?

Anyway, given this flow chart, I could easily see this as a rack with macros controlling all the important functions. The only thing I'm unclear on is the 'nonlinear distortion'. After a quick google search, this is controlled by the symmetry parameter in Logic's Clip Distortion device. The fact that you can affect the symmetry of the distortion in both positive and negative values (up to 100 percent in either direction) is something that is apparently unique to Logic's device.

My question: Is there a way to emulate the symmetry of the distortion with maybe a macro or something that controls the amount of symmetry in both positive and negative values?

Re: Logic's Clip Distortion in Ableton

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:46 pm
by stoersignal
Its eben a Long Long Time ago since i used that logic effect. But i would say, äs the name suggests: ableton saturator, in digital clip mode. You've got all the controls except symmetry. That you only have in "waveshaper" mode. I would try both and i'm pretty sure that you can get reAlly Glosse with the right settings. Abletons saturator is capable of much more than many people think. I will try it when i'm at home! Good luck

Re: Logic's Clip Distortion in Ableton

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:32 pm
by Down8ch
I guess it should be noted that the serial manner in which signal flow is dictated within Logic's Clip Distortion might not be quite identical to the way an input signal is channeled through Saturator. Hence the need for a rack setup.

My thinking is to use EQ8 for the filters and Saturator for the initial drive, but not really sure how the distortion symmetry will fit within the signal path/rack.

I'm guessing the symmetry slider in Logic's Clip Distortion could be reproduced via the waveshape controls on Saturator, but which parameters would be necessary to map/range restrict so that a 100 percent positive or negative symmetrical value can be obtained by controlling a macro is still unclear (if at all possible).