questions about sampler?

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questions about sampler?

Post by pelsik » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:07 am

ive been using ableton for some years but mostly midi and live recording
but i decided to dabble in some sampling stuff and been having some problems

1) using 48k samples in 44.1k projects: putting 48k samples directly into ableton works fine and it plays at normal speed..but if i put it into sampler it plays it extremely slow (at 48k speed)

is there a way to prevent that?
(besides having to convert hundreds of audio to 44.1k)

2) the velocity controls on the notes doesn't do anything, zero or 120 the notes sound exactly alike

how are you supposed to control note velocity in sampler?

3) is there a way to listen to a sample in sampler/simpler without having to put mmidi in or midi controller (to test out what it sounds like/ adjust loop points and edit sound)

4)can you make a sample slower or faster in sampler? if so how?

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Re: questions about sampler?

Post by jimfowler » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:45 pm

1. sure. i use dsp quattro for sample rate conversion. apparently not all src is created equally.
2. in sampler, toggle the "filter/global" tab and play with "vol<vel". this will increase/decrease velocity sensitivity.
3. kinda. to simply preview, click on the .wav file (or whatever) in your browser. it should preview. to edit, you'll editor.
4. dunno.

my advice is to read the sampler portion of the manual and then spend some time messing around with it. it's a potent critter with lots of flexibility. it's my default sampler unless i need some really in-depth stuff, in which case i use kontakt.

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Re: questions about sampler?

Post by oddstep » Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:41 pm

to preview. record arm the sampler track and use the qwerty keyboard as a fake midi keyboard.
slower and faster - if you mean pitch up or down, just use the tuning/transpose controls. if you mean timestretch/compress, no not really. you can use the lfo for timestretching in combination with the sample start modulation. search for timestretching in sampler to find out more.

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