Finding an Ableton live set folder from a .wav sample

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Finding an Ableton live set folder from a .wav sample

Post by marcerin » Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:23 pm

In May 2014 I opened a .als set from last year and recorded a few more audio tracks into it. I've just opened the set and found my new audio clips and the formatting changes I made were all missing. I checked the 'last modified' date of the .als and it said it was last modified in 2013. It's possible I've gone through 'save as' and saved the most recent version of the set somewhere else, or a small possibility I accidentally deleted it.

I stressed for a bit, but when I looked in the corresponding samples folder for that project, I found the audio files I had recorded were still in there which was lucky.

Is it possible to search for the .als that the .wavs are used in? I saved the new recorded track as 'vocals 220514' (the date I recorded them) so the .wavs all have 220514 in their file names, this is unique to that set, so if it was possible to search for files within a set, or for the titles of tracks within a set I could find it but I doubt that can be done.

If I can't find the .als or if I have deleted it, is there a way to recreate it using each .wavs corresponding .asd?

Or maybe I should just count myself lucky I haven't lost the .wavs aswell and at least I don't have to re-record.

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Re: Finding an Ableton live set folder from a .wav sample

Post by erikomic » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:44 am

The .als file is your session, mix and edits, if it is lost it is lost.

the .asd files are just associated with soundfiles (in this case .wav) and are used mainly for visualisations, it isn't really useful, and if you erase them, Live recreates them with the opening of the session or with imports.

I would suggest you look for modified .als sessions around that date... good luck

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