Using loops in your productions

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Re: Using loops in your productions

Post by scottymac » Sun Sep 28, 2014 3:03 pm

@ Quantize Thank you for the course I am half way through it and finding it incredibly useful. Could you do one on Automation please or recommend me some good places to look if not. Been on Youtube but I would like something a little more ion depth.

When working on video 9 'Old school sampling technique' I am encountering problems with the speed of the loop. I am inserting a 130 loop onto an audio track and my tempo is set to 122. Ableton automatically warps this to play at 122.It's a little glitchy so I use the complex warping mode for a smother sound. I copy and make variations in the audio loops as suggested, but when I drag them into the drum rack, the bpm goes back up to 130. Please can you help me resolve this.

Thanks again.

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Re: Using loops in your productions

Post by H20nly » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:09 pm


Gonna have to check out that video 8)

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Re: Using loops in your productions

Post by Quantize » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:01 am

@Scottymac thanks for picking up the pack, great to hear you are enjoying it :-)

I'll have a think about how we might incorporate automation into a full video pack. Do you have any specific areas you would like to see covered?

For the warping question:

First we need to understand what is happening under the hood when performing editing such as warping, clip modulation etc. This is called non-destructive editing and in plain English it means that the original audio file sitting on your hard drive is not being effected and the processing is all happening inside of Live.

When you drag a warped clip directly into Simpler live is still reading the unaltered audio file from your hard drive and this is why the tempo is out of sync with your project.

The solution is to create a new audio file with the warping/ editing effectively recorded into place. A quick way to do this is using the "consolidate" command by right clicking on the warped clip (cmd+j - you'll use this a lot so it's worth remembering the short cut ;-) When you consolidate, Live will create a new audio file in your project folder and start reading this instead of the original file we started with (that stays perfectly intact in your sample library)

Now we can drag the clip into Simpler and start jamming around with the Old School Sampling techniques.

I've gone the long way round for explaining this but I'm a firm believer in teaching 'why' and 'how' things are happing as it empowers students to come up with new creative ideas and techniques of their own :-)

Any other questions feel free to ask.

@H20nly Hope you like the vid - it's really good for quickly coming up with new rhythms and ideas using any pieces of audio not just Loops. For example try using a section of vocals or an instrumental solo ;-)

Take care


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