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Sample Rate and Pitch Change confusion with Live bounce

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:18 pm
by moonpie
Ive been experimenting bumping up the sample rate of my projects - and Im getting really strange unlikely results.

I usually run at 48000hz. I tried a project with a single synth, and ran at 96000hz. Bounced the audio to disk down to 41000. Did the same again except ran the project in 44100 and bounced to 44100.

- Huge pitch differences between the 2 audio files. I dont know whether its the synth or Live. Im aware of the relation of sample rate to pitch - but would have thought in bouncing down, this would be compensated for? It definitely should be - as sure nobody could record at 96000+ higher and it coming out right. Is this just a Live bug? Can anybody give me more info on whats going on? Its Live 8.