Axon sequencer instrument into Corpus midi side-chain?

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Axon sequencer instrument into Corpus midi side-chain?

Post by braduro » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:24 pm

This is embarrassingly a signal-flow question. I always go back to the basics on certain topics and reteach myself all those things I periodically unlearn. Had asked about this in a somewhat hijacked thread on tips and tricks but I think it deserves its own topic:

Bit of background: Axon is a sequencer with its own noise generator, and therefore appears as an instrument, i.e. midi in, audio out. It does in all conditions, however, send midi note/velocity messages. That is, even if this is human error, I would not have been in a position to disengage the midi out by mistake.
Corpus has a side chain feature that can change the fundamental of the resonant frequency by way of a midi note-in message. See the latest ableton blog post on drones for a great application of this.

I noticed that Corpus in ableton Live would not pick up Axon as a midi side-chain source/carrier (signal flow highlighted from screen shot). This is only when the audio track is also being used as a submix for the audio signal from the axon. It has nothing to do with whether axon is embedded in a rack, as I pulled it out and the corpus pull-down menu still won’t offer a source with incoming midi notes from axon (The 3 vertical dots beside each choice for the Midi signal/velocity level remain unlit while the axon plays.) The axon is indeed sending midi, which can be confirmed on a 3rd track. This Midi track can then be used to feed the corpus (Pre FX, Post FX, Post Mixer options on the midi side-chain all light up the Midi meter dots), but I was hoping to streamline my signal flow (I already keep just a spare midi track in my template for more common things, like recording incoming midi clips.).
Here's a screen shot: ... 6%20AM.png

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