Midi timing off when sending to External Instruments

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Midi timing off when sending to External Instruments

Post by superistic » Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:16 pm

Hi, noticed the timing is off when sending midi to some hardware synths.

Sometimes the notes are early, other times late, so adjusting delay offsets is useless. Have sent midi through my MOTU micro lite and also directly from UFX - doesnt make any difference

Downloaded the demo of Bitwig and the timing is spot on when sending to external hardware synths so it looks like a problem with Live

anyone else noticing this problem? very frustrating to listen to when the timing is drifting like that :(

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Re: Midi timing off when sending to External Instruments

Post by ejlif » Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:58 pm

Yep I've experienced weird crap like this too. Stuff like a few bars of a loop slowly drifting out of time over the course of a few bars. I also have the MOTU so I don't know if that a common denominator here or not. I'm switching to the iConnectivity and see if that helps. I also have major issues with stuck notes on external gear be it USB MIDI or regular MIDI going to my non USB keyboards. It happens on VSTs also so makes me think Live has the problem. One thing I notice is I tend to leave my gear on and not turn it off much since I'm in the studio a lot and restarting Live seems to clear a lot of things up. When crap like you are having problems with is happening to me I'll usually restart live and things get better or even restart everything.

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