Korg Volcas and iPad for seq - multi record?

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Korg Volcas and iPad for seq - multi record?

Post by IP » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:34 am

Is that possible? (Korg Volcas and iPad for seq & multi record?)
I need to go OTB and portable as much as possible but still i need something to sequence and multi-record so im thinking ipad?

The main plan for start is a hard case with all volcas (and an empty slot for the upcoming sampler) a microbrute and some delay/reverb/distortion boxes.

1. can i use an ipad to send midi data to all the volcas (notes and modulation) without having timing issues?
2. if 1=yes, what about sending velocity and more that 16th notes? will the volca read? or they are locked to 16th no matter what?
3. is it possible to multi record 5-8 channels at the same time with an ipad? it has the balls? if yes what is the most stable and good app?


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Re: Korg Volcas and iPad for seq - multi record?

Post by crystalmsc » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:25 am

I don't know about the ipad stuff, but a long time ago the Yamaha QY70 used to be my portable sequencer. But I'm mostly using it as a scratch pad using the internal engine. As far as I remember it's able to record multi channel in the 'multi' mode, confirmed by the SOS review. It can be had for around $100 used and can be powered using battery. Also has more battery life and a bit more electronic soundset compared to the newer QY100. It's even smaller than the ipad (but way thicker), about the size of the Volca, which might fit better within the hard case setup. The internal voice can also be a nice bonus.
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