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EDM Tutorials?

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:34 pm
by Negative X
Hi, I've been wanting to make music properly for ages now, all of the music I've made to date have been made using FL Studio Mobile samples. I want to be able to make at least some of my own samples, and be able to mix/master the track properly without it sounding like crap. I hardly know what an oscillator is, that's my level of knowledge at the moment.

Problem is, I've tried searching the internet for everything I can think of, but I can't seem to understand most of the tutorials I find, I can't seem to make them work for me.

Can someone please provide a link to a reliable tutorial/course for EDM in general? Preferably using the Ableton Live DAW since that's the only one I really want to understand properly.

EDIT: This is the link to my soundcloud, just so you know what I need to improve on.

Re: EDM Tutorials?

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:47 am
by beats me ... uthorid=15

Any and all Timothy Allan tuts on groove3: Worth it!

Even if you're not doing House music, still a lot of great info there.