Multi Midi-Channel VST out in ableton?

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Multi Midi-Channel VST out in ableton?

Post by Jekblad » Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:22 pm

A vst like Kirnu Cream has the ability to output on different midi channels. Can I host the plugin in Live and route different midi channels to different instruments within Live?

This is the routing that usually takes place, and as you can see it does not allow you to choose a midi channel.

Maybe a workaround is send all midi channels and use a M4L device to filter the unwanted midi channels? Is there another non M4L workaround? Any thoughts appreciated.

Also Kirnu Cream is fun!
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Re: Multi Midi-Channel VST out in ableton?

Post by JoshG567 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:32 pm

This reminds me of how I've adapted Live to use Superior Drummer in the way I like. It only sends MIDI in one channel, though, but I do have to filter all but the kicks from the kick track, all but the snares from the snare track, etc. So, I think my solution could apply in your case.

Unfortunately it is somewhat painful. It involves routing all the VST MIDI into an instrument rack at the end of it's MIDI device chain. In that rack are 6 chains for Kick Only, Snare Only, Hats Only, Toms Only, Rides Only, Cymbals Only. Each of those chains have identical copies of an instrument rack with 128 chains, each named for the 128 notes/drum hits Superior Drummer outputs. I followed the manual diagram, typed them all in, and set each chain selector to only the one note it corresponded to. Then, I just mute all of the 128 chains that are irrelevant to the 1 of 6 main chains I route the MIDI in the rack to. That is, for example, mute all the snares, hats, toms, rides, and cymbals in the Kick Only chain. Finally, in the MIDI tracks where I actually host the clips with my beats I route MIDI From the particular chain that I set up for that track: Kicks Only if it's the Kicks track.

Might be easier for you if you have ranges of notes to filter by, instead of individual little keys spaced semi-regularly across the keyboard. Unfortunate that it would not at all take advantage of your VSTs ability to route to separate channels. Another possibility is to route from there to LoopBe, or whatever internal MIDI bus program is appropriate to your computer platform. I know Live lets me select the Channel with a LoopBe input. Maybe that's the way, if you made it this far.

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