Sound Design help programming Big 80's style Drum Fills

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Sound Design help programming Big 80's style Drum Fills

Post by preppietrash » Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:13 pm

I need some help and guidance on how to make big drum fills based on the "retrowave, synthwave, newretrowave, dreamwave" music genre…. I have listed below some examples of tracks that have that unique gated drum fills- in some tracks it's a very subtle fill on some it's right in your face…

So from my reading I believe they were originally made with Simmons drums- which there is a VST called "Simmons drums VSDS-X " but it's for windows only…

my questions are:

1) how do I make these sounds on Ableton Live- preferably using it's built in instruments or free live packs or a 3rd party VST plug-in for Mac)… or if there is a preset/project for NI Maschine software V1.8 which I've never used but if it helps me create these types of drum fills I can start using it-

2) where is there a good resource to see the pattern to do these fills (samples of the midi/piano roll notes and patterns)

my gear list is:

ableton 9 suite with all the free expansion packs and synths it comes out of the box with, Maschine MK2 software V1.8 (i've never used the software I use it as a controller for serato loops and cues) , NI Massive and Arturia Minimoog original, tyrell nexus- and I'm on a mac...

I have the "retro drums Free Vintage Drum Racks" from subaqueous music, and I have some Linn Drum machine sample packs and SIMMONS SDSV EXS pack in Wave files-

Thanks everyone for taking the time and reading my long ass post!

Sample songs that have the drum fills (with what sounds like tom's) you can go on youtube and they all have videos on the newretrowave channel

obviously the mother of all gated drum fills= Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (album version) (around 3:44)

Lazerhawk - So far Away (around 0:45)
Ex Machina - Descent into the Forbidden Laboratory
VHS Glitch - Cala Rossa (around 1:12)
Jordan F - So Close
Miami Night 1984 - Reflex Training
Mowelan - Desert Drift (around 1:35)
Bourgeoisie - The Carcinus Project (around 0:40)
New Arcades - Reflections (around 1:53)
Mega Drive - I Am The Program (around 3:53)
Power Glove - Vengeance (around 2:41)
Action Jackson - Introduction
Teenage Criminal - Hero (Miami Nights 1984 or ActRazer Remix) (around 2:25)
Garth Knight - Juggernaught (around 1:46)
A Space Love Adventure - Nicole (around 0:40)

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Re: Sound Design help programming Big 80's style Drum Fills

Post by Asymmetricalmusic » Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:11 pm

I got an old Roland DR-770 as a trade

I ran the MIDI out to Ableton and recorded the MIDI patterns.

It took some work but I'm super stoked!

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