Any tips for achieving a balance in Volume between DAW's

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Any tips for achieving a balance in Volume between DAW's

Post by Asymmetricalmusic » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:10 am

I've just got Maschine and it's LOUD!

I mix my Ableton projects at -6 and it's a pretty good volume on my studio monitors

My set-up is Mac mini > RME UC sound card > Mackie VLZ4 402 mixer > Yamaha HS5's and matching sub. I use the mixer to listen to my turntables on my nights off...anyway

With Ableton's master at zero and my projects mixed at -6 >

RME, I put a -12 on the master output (cause it's so LOUD.) >

VLZ4 the channel is set to unity and the master at 11 oclock (just under unity) >

and my Yamaha's at 12 oclock or 50% there's a nice little indent in the volume knob so I keep it there and the sub is turned way down but audible. (not sure what it's volume is but I remember I barely had to raise the volume there)

I've got a good volume going.........

Now if I use iTunes I can barely have the volume up to 10% and it BLASTS! same with the Maschine 2.2 I just got...... it's so loud.

Is this a typical experience with other "Bedroom" studio set-up's?

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