Trollphace + Skrillex synth

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Trollphace + Skrillex synth

Post by junqueira » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:55 am

Anyone have an idea how to create this main bass synth sound in Massive, FM8 or Sylenth? I love this ... mix#t=0:37

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Re: Trollphace + Skrillex synth

Post by aporia » Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:27 pm

to me this sounds like one of them 'woofer cooker basses', only with a pretty extreme pitch envelope.

multiplier did something on this which might be helpful:

I hear some pitch mod, definitely high to low with a fast decay.

there's also some FM happening here; probably in the oscillators rather than in the filter (massive has a mod oscillator that lets you add FM to the oscillators, I did a tutorial on this:

for the distortion, it sounds like just a bitcrusher (or di-ode).

on the compression from, it's definitely being processed in parallel, probably split by highs and lows (highs boosted, lows compressed)

it honestly sounds pretty stereotypical to me, probably done in massive, and I wouldn't be surprised if he used modern talking or one of those other over-used wavetables.

I guess my core point is it doesn't matter what synth you use; I try to listen and isolate elements in the sound. (osc/env/filters/fm/dist/fx etc...)

make sense?
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