Maschine 1.x to MK2 ("VST Plug-in could not be found")

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Maschine 1.x to MK2 ("VST Plug-in could not be found")

Post by rvltion909 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:34 pm

So I recently borrowed my buddy's Maschine mk1 and began using it as a VST plug-in within Live.

After I started several projects, I got hooked and bought the latest Maschine mk2. However, in my haste to install and begin using mk2...I seem to have royally screwed the projects I created in Live that used Maschine mk1 as a VST.

I wanted a clean install so I uninstalled all the Maschine mk1 entries within Windows 7 before I initially ran a fresh install of Maschine mk2. Now when I load the Live projects I created, I get the [VST "Maschine": The VST Plug-in could not be found] message. Since Maschine mk1 was seems as if Live is simply looking for the "Maschine.dll" and it can't find it (which makes sense).

I guess my question is: Since Maschine was used as a VST within I simply need to install the Maschine mk1 software again so that it drops the Maschine.dll in my VST directory again or is there better way to retrieve/re-save the projects that Maschine mk1 was used for in Live?

Maschine mk2 works and loads fine within live other than that...just trying to understand the Live/Maschine relationship when Maschine is used as a plug-in within is the Maschine info saved (since there are no .mprj or .mxprj files in any of the Live project folders that use Maschine as a VST)

I'll be posting the NI forums as well. Thanks


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Re: Maschine 1.x to MK2 ("VST Plug-in could not be found")

Post by taoyoyo » Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:41 am

Maschine and Maschine2 are two different plug-ins (they can exist side-by-side but the 2 vst does not automatically replace the 1 vst).

Live will always try to load the 1.x vst if that was what was saved in the project.

You can import 1.x projects/kits/etc into Maschine 2 but you're going to have to replace every 1.x vst with a 2.x vst in every Live set and if you have set-up multi-output stuff it might be time-consuming.

(Or you could just re-install 1.x, although 2 has some advantages in being multi-processor friendly, etc).

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