One of those threads about the future of Ableton

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Re: One of those threads about the future of Ableton

Post by Stromkraft » Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:04 pm

re:dream wrote:
But seriously, a bad workman etc etc. Our tools are good, and I think rather than looking to our DAWs to come up with 'game changing innovations' we should focus on making better music.
I'm totally with you there, except for the unforgivables like lack of full automation delay compensation (? check) and audio crackling under certain circumstances.

It would also seem typically that new users without programming skills judge Live Instruments mostly based on the available imperfect selections of presets. That I and many others find Native Instruments Komplete for example better both with presets as well as with programming new sounds is reflected in the price tag. Fact remains you can build great tracks with Live Instruments as is, if you program your own sounds and learn the synthesis behind them, alternatively if you purchase great presets to your liking.
Make some music!

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