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Live9 Browser Library Subfolders Hack

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:43 pm
by Shokol8
I am not sure, I have heard that, there is a hack to create your own subfolders in user library, and to have them to appear in the live browser library.
Have someone heard of it?
I am not talking about re creating the same subfolders, that do exist in the browser library, into your user one, but to create new sub categories like for example: stabs, woosh, FX, riser, sweep.
The goal is to recreate kind of a closer way NI kontakt library is organised, because a lot of rack created do not enter to the limited sub categories of ableton library browser.

I have already created, each subfolder you can find in sound browser ( Ambient & Evolving, Bass, Brass, Effects, etc...) , into each live instrument folder, of my user library. But some of my synths do not fit any of these sounds like atmos, cinematic, reese, synth chords etc... ans so forth.

I think I have heard there is an hack with a python script, or re-writing into the ableton virtual folder, but I will prefer to know more about it, rather than, to experiment myself something, that could be waste of time, and risky to my library.
If anyone got some news, please advise. ;D

Re: Live9 Browser Library Subfolders Hack

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:01 pm
by Shokol8
I actually found this thread , that looks a beginning of an answer! I am pretty sure the ableton team must be on it too, it might be just a matter of time, before users wish, become concreet! ... -dj-limbs/