importing drum kits

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importing drum kits

Post by Bloodyhell » Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:25 pm

In an effort to get a brush sound drum kit into Live I have downloaded the Sonic Couture VA Brushkit. They have three versions for download: VA Brushkit Reason, VA Brushkit EXS24 (for Logic, it looks like) and a version that appears to be for Native Instruments. Each version has a different collection of folders and files.

I have downloaded all three but I'm not sure of my next step. It doesn't look like I have a simple drag and drop option.

BTW, I have the Standard version of Live - no sampler. I'm not sure if that's required to do this.


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Re: importing drum kits

Post by re:dream » Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:32 pm

I have them in my sample collection but I can't recall the format of the Sonic Couture brush kit. Did it come as a Live Pack, or just as a bunch of samples? Mine came from the Ableton website, if I recall correctly.

What I do is just load them into a simpler or sampler. Or into the cells of an empty drum rack.

It's a very nice little collection, by the way,

dave dove
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Re: importing drum kits

Post by dave dove » Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:38 pm

hey there
you need to unzip the archive and drop the folder marked 'samples' into wherever your normal samples folder is
if you haven't got a user samples folder create one on your hard drive, give it an unforgettable, exciting name and drop the 'samples' folder into it
then, if you're in Live 9, use the Add Folder command in Places on your browser and direct it to your new samples folder
Live will scan the folder and any subfolders so you can drag and drop from there into simpler or a drum rack or whatever
you can also drag and drop from the 'samples' folder into a drum rack, then save the drum rack and it should import your samples etc...

what it won't do is layer up your samples as they are not formatted for Simpler

hope that helps


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