So, who's ready for Windows 10?

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Re: So, who's ready for Windows 10?

Post by Fizmarble » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:29 am

nathannn wrote:
Fizmarble wrote:
nathannn wrote:
Then there is the way Windows updates..It does not update in the background. You wake up one day to turn your computer on and realize that you just need to "sit back and relax a while" while windows updates. This makes it unusable in a business setting. This is also how the Xbox One updates which makes no sense at all. Ps4 and OSX both instal updates in the background.
Android is the only other operating system that I can think of that renders your device useless until the os is done installing updates.
Hmm, both my Xbox One and all 4 of my Windows 10 PCs download updates in the background. .
Im not talking about how they handle downloads. Im talking about how Windows based systems handle installs of updates.
Almost every time I visit my cousin he turns on his xbox and we wait for a while before it's finished installing.
I used to wake up and turn on my Windows 8 based pc and would have to wait up to an hour for it to do whatever it wanted to do.

Osx does not download updated unless I go into the app store and click on the updates I want to instal. Osx installs the updates and still gives me access to my computer while doing so.
Gotcha. I have never owned a Mac, nor a PS4. I don't even know how you update the kernel or do a firmware update without requiring a reboot and install process, but that's cool. Please excuse my misunderstanding. Free Jam Tracks for Guitarists, Bassists, and Drummers

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Re: So, who's ready for Windows 10?

Post by sporkles » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:59 pm

H20nly wrote: Windows 10 Upgrade is free. Windows 10 is not. but once you activate Windows 10, you can use it to make a clean install disk. essentially you use Windows 10 to make yourself a Windows 10 installer.
this explains the process; ... 21fbd807a7
Ah, cool! I must have overlooked or disregarded the "do this later" option. Cheers

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Re: So, who's ready for Windows 10?

Post by H20nly » Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:24 am

^ hope you get it sorted out. I don't have 10 installed on my personal PC (yet), but my experiences with it (at work) have all been positive. I'm looking forward to receiving the upgrade link from MS on my home PC.

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