Live 9 is slooooooooow.

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Re: Live 9 is slooooooooow.

Post by rtcardinal » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:23 pm

musikmachine wrote:
rtcardinal wrote:+1
Same session. Saved in Live 8. Running in Live 8, and I'm able add, remove and move tracks quickly. Even with heavy plugins running (Omnisphere in a rack is always a tough one for this), is quite a bit faster and snappier than the latest stable of live 9.1 and the latest beta. More so on the Mac side (running boot camp on laptop, and dual boot hackintosh on a tower).
Hopefully they'll be able to get things running snappier. I've been doing some alternative work (dialog processing) in Studio One 3, with huge FX chains, and literally thousands of audio files (for a game), and tracks drag and drop at the speed at which I do it. No hitching, no beach balls, very fast and transparent overall operation.

But yeah. Even in a blank session, if I drag a basic rack in to a track with basic native effects, there is hitching and pausing.
Both on a new 15 inch rMBP and on a OC'd 4.8ghz 6 core 3930k. Absolutely every other piece of software I use completely screams on both of these machines. Live does a good job the audio part, but the interface behaviour and navigation has just gotten so bad, even in modest conditions.
I started a thread a few posts down as i was getting a freeze ups and a spinning blue disc on a windows system (so of course could be unrelated) with lots of crashes and instability. The slow downs seemed to be due to missing samples, stopped when i replaced them so has this slowing down got something to do with the way Live is accessing audio audio in projects?

Anyway i submitted a status report to Ableton and they were able to identify some of the causes of Live crashing which were max and script related, i also trashed the prefs, default template and undo.cfg and things are a lot more stable now so i think it's well worth submitting a status report or have you already done that?
Yep, I've trashed prefs, and started fresh on multiple machines, at home and at work. It's predictable and pervasive hitchy behaviour.

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Re: Live 9 is slooooooooow.

Post by TomViolenz » Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:38 pm

stringtapper wrote:How many tracks, Live devices, and 3rd part plugins do you have going?

Sounds crazy to have no audio to load at all and having load times like that. What about Sampler or Kontakt? Using big libraries or anything?

Have you tried saving the set with every device disabled? How about isolated I got control surfaces or any other hardware to see if you can find a culprit?
It's just something that accumulated over the year and a half I build this set. It has almost a hundred tracks, mostly used for very complicated routings. Further there are hundreds of instances of effects in the set. Some always on, some only on when one encoder is turned to a very specicic postion (chainselector ranges assigned to the on/off.)
The whole plentitude of effects and their processing is what makes this whole endevour even possible.

Further I have over 500 Midi assignements on 5 different controllers. All these controllers have a separete layer of Bomes MT projects layered over the Midi.

I think it's just the shear complexity that is bringimng Live to its knees and I kinda am to blame too, because I always looked at the use of resources (Mostly Ram and CPU) and kept these always as minimal as possible, but while I managed to achieve that I let the complexity grow unencumbered.

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Re: Live 9 is slooooooooow.

Post by pencilrocket » Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:39 am

stringtapper wrote:Let's get this straight. They locked your thread because your friend phaded there was being rude and uncivil to other posters. Not because they want to sweep your tech problems under the rug.
What a poor excuse :lol: mods and admins can do whatever they want for the posts and users. It's not limited to just "locking". Obviously they could just extract his posts and move to The Lounge, delete them or even temporary ban. But they chose to lock on purpose.

I'm not complaining. I just mentioned what just happened.

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Re: Live 9 is slooooooooow.

Post by phaded » Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:31 pm

phaded wrote:
[mda] wrote: Anyone getting slow performance issues, please consider installing the latest 9.1.9 update.
Like, I could roll with this, but can't it be stated clearly WHY this is going to potentially be a fix, and for WHAT? The release notes only say:
Added control surface support for Novation Launchkey MK2
As a long-time Ableton user, I know well enough that a new release can potentially introduce bugs, not just fix them. There is zero in the above release notes that would lead one to think there are any stability improvements in 9.1.9 vs 9.1.8.
Crickets :lol:

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