Why only keyboard players need 61 key controller?

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Re: Why only keyboard players need 61 key controller?

Post by beats me » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:36 pm

yur2die4 wrote:I move around a lot. It always feels good to have that extra octave above and below just incase I'm gonna venture there. Depends on the 'instrument' you're emulating of course. Or on if addictional keys have different functions (a lot of NI devices use lower register keys as switches to change modes of an instrument -like muted vs sustained string vs tremolo etc- or for auto-rhythms with drum kits. Which is especially handy for the ethnic drum kits since they give inspiration). Or even if you just split the keyboard to more than one instrument (brostep bass left hand, heavy metal accordion right??).

And even with my 61 key I couldn't tell you how many times I still have to use the octave buttons to have access to something that wasn't available in the single stretch.

But if you want to produce dance music than anything more than 1 octave is probably overkill. Even polyphony is a bit of an extravagance. What's up with more than 1 note at a time, you showoff!

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Re: Why only keyboard players need 61 key controller?

Post by UltimateOutsider » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:31 am

EasyWorkflow wrote:Does it make sense to spend extra $100 on Kontrol 61 versus K 49.
I had a slim 49-key controller on my desk for years, because my workspace was so cramped I couldn't physically fit anything bigger on the desk.

A few weeks ago I cleared up a bunch of desk space by mounting my computer monitors on the walls, giving me room for a 61-key controller for once.

If you're a regular Native Instruments user, 61 keys is handy because many Kontakt instruments are set up for a 61-key layout; the keyswitches are frequently down in the first octave of the board.

Also, if you have drum samplers that use GM drum maps (including many Kontakt drum libraries), a 61-key layout gives you almost the whole spread of the GM drum mapping without having to do any octave switching.

I agree with some others that 49 keys is quite often adequate for playing in the studio, where you don't often need to have performance splits or do a lot of 2-handed playing. I prefer 61 for the reasons I mentioned above... but I got by reasonably well on 49 for some time. I can't work with anything less than 49 though; I've tried.

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Re: Why only keyboard players need 61 key controller?

Post by EasyWorkflow » Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:52 am

After reading everything I possibly could on keyboard controllers, including every post on this thread and speaking to some friends who are NOT keyboard players but went with the Kontrol 61, I purchased the same model. . I had the room for the 61 keys ( extra 7 inches long) so I went for it. I don't think anyone ever regrets having the additional octave but may have regrets they didn't. My writing partner for the moment is an amazing chick singer who is also an accomplished keyboard player. So when she comes over, she will feel more comfortable on 61 keys. That is not the reason I went for the 61 keys, but it just made a stronger case to go that route. I also love the feature in Kontrol that allows someone with limited keyboard experience to play any scale in any key using just the white keys or C major scale,. That will give me the ability to play simple chords that are harmonically correct with the additional octave which may prove to be useful. For the extra $100, it gave me peace of mind and that my friends is priceless.

I also got the crossgrade sale which gave me Komplete ultimate for $399 instead of the $999 the software would have cost me without the controller. So I basically got the Kontrol 61 for $100. I am an accomplished guitarist who loves playing MIDI guitar so having NI Komplete also makes my "guitar rig" much more versatile.

I wish everyone good health and inspiration to create music that stirs your soul.



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