Upgrading from Live 8 Suite to Live 9 (not Suite)

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larry mal
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Upgrading from Live 8 Suite to Live 9 (not Suite)

Post by larry mal » Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:10 pm

Hi all, I have Live Suite 8 and am wondering about upgrading to Live 9. I can't really afford to upgrade to Live 9 Suite, but I'd like the extra functionality of Live 9 (dual screens if nothing else).

If I don't upgrade to 9 Suite, though, will I forfeit all the software instruments that come with Suite 8? That is to say, can I download the Suite 8 instruments and have them work with 9 Standard, and just not have the extra content that comes with 9 Suite that isn't in 8 Suite?

The instruments in 8 Suite combined with what I already own third party would be more than fine.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Re: Upgrading from Live 8 Suite to Live 9 (not Suite)

Post by silversurfer60 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 5:45 pm

Last year I've upgraded from live 8 suite to live 9 standard too. All the instruments of the live 8 suite, also drum maschine and latin percussion, have their own license-number in your ableton account, take a look. They are not bound to the live versions.

So you can use them all in your live 9 standard.

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