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Ableton Live 9.5 x64 and Windows 10 no access to LAN units

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:45 pm
by akamed

I have just installed Windows 10 and updated Ableton Live to 9.5 64bits.
I have all my data folders stored in a NAS Synology DS213J and I am not able to access those folder from Live.
Windows has recognized those network units corretly, but the Ableton dialog "Open project" doesn´t show the network units where my projects are stored.
I am loggin in with an adminitrator account and all the permissions are OK. And also, it always ask me to permit Ableton Live to make changes in my PC, even after applying the "Ableton Live 9 suite.exe" to run with administrator rights.

I post a screenshot of the problem...


Am I missing something? I can´t work my projects :(

Thanks to everyone and take care!