MIDI Tools // Next level arpeggiator & chord generator

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MIDI Tools // Next level arpeggiator & chord generator

Post by theextravaganttraveller » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:20 am


Arpeggio Designer is a M4L device that takes the traditional arpeggiator to the next level via a powerful step sequencer programmer, with control over velocity and duration per step. Arpeggio Designer allows you to mix single notes and chords to create highly musical phrases to your chords.

Also included is Chord Explorer, a device that allows you to generate chords in a variety of keys at the click of a mouse. Chord types can also be assigned to different octaves on a MIDI keyboard, and triggered via single key presses.

When used together, Arpeggio Designer and Chord Explorer are great for kickstarting musical ideas. Requires Max For Live.

Video demo and download here:


Happy music making!

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