Set project to bpm of a freely played midi loop?

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Set project to bpm of a freely played midi loop?

Post by UCAudio » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:10 am

Hit record and play midi keys freely, find a good part and loop it, find the bpm of that loop and set the project bpm to that so that you can add additional parts easily. Is that possible in Live 9? I usually come up with initial parts much better when not playing to a click.

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Re: Set project to bpm of a freely played midi loop?

Post by yur2die4 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:30 am

Unfortunately it's not 100% easy to accomplish this. The biggest problem is that Live doesn't 'warp' midi notes. It used to at least allow one to set a bpm for midi clips, but now you can only 'stretch' midi selections, which is still better than nothing. In fact, it's a very nice feature.

Now, if you change the bpm of anything in Live, it will mess up the tempo of your recorded midi notes.

The best fix would be to first render it as audio, while still keeping the actual midi notes. Then bring that rendered audio to a clean section and warp it, and set it as a master/slave for the global tempo. This makes Live run at the tempo of the original material. This will ONLY work if you 'properly' warp the piano audio yourself by defining where each 'section begins and having it like up to the grid and all that stuff...Live won't be able to guess your playing tempo on its own.

After doing that, find the parts that you want and then go back to the midi an find those same parts and copy them in the similar region.

Figure out where the notes start and end on that grid and plop the clip down there, then highlight and stretch the notes to fit.

Since the arrangement tempo is forced to be the same as the audio clip, it should come pretty close to the original tempo you played.

This sound messy because it is. And it might not be worth the work, but this is kinda the drawback of not starting with timing already set for the midi recording.

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