Is it possible to slice to simpler/sampler?

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Is it possible to slice to simpler/sampler?

Post by 4T » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:47 pm

I have old horn samples taken from a Korg Krome with around 7 notes in a single file. I want to be able to add 7 slices and then spread these notes out across a simpler/sampler.

From what I know, this isn't possible in Ableton. I can only slice to a drum rack. This means I can't stretch a single sample out across multiple pitches as you'd typically do when multisampling.

Therefore, I have to slice the the file outside of ableton to create 7 new files (slices) AND THEN import them to a simpler/sampler and do keyzones.

This to my knowledge is the only way unless someone can suggest an alternative (smore treamlined) workflow.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Re: Is it possible to slice to simpler/sampler?

Post by timday » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:25 pm

If you have suite, or have bought Sampler separately, you can slice to sampler. It appears in a drop menu when you slice to MIDI from the arrange page. Slice to Sampler starts on C1 (with an option to offset if you have a piece of audio that starts with silence) and puts a sample every semitone so if you have more widely spread samples you'll have to fiddle with the key zones. You can adjust the slicing to be per beat (or fraction of a beat), per transient, or per warp marker.

Don't know why you're going outside Ableton though. You can also hand slice in the arrange page and drag the files straight into Sampler, or drag a single file into Sampler, duplicate it in the zones view, set the key zones and adjust the start/end points. Or (usually) a mix of both - do the rough slicing in arrange and the fine adjusting in Sampler.

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