Lemur & Ableton Technical Question

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Lemur & Ableton Technical Question

Post by D3VOUR » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:45 pm

I am thinking about incorporating Lemur into my live performance set up. I have basic connectivity established and have mapped objects in Lemur to knobs and sliders in Ableton. (Yay!)

Now here is what I am looking to do:

I would like for Ableton to send Lemur data such as a progress bar (or bar counter) that resets every 8 bars. As soon as I hit play in Ableton, the progress bar goes and fills up until after 8-bars it resets and repeats until I hit stop. I am assuming I will need to set up an 8-bar dummy clip that will run the entire show. How can I get the current clip position into Lemur?

The second thing I am looking to do builds off the idea of Ableton sending data to Lemur. I would like the clip names to load up in Lemur. So I can click a clip name on lemur and it will launch in Ableton.

I pretty much don't want to have to look at my computer much in my set and I want to be able to go off on tangents and be able to have that little 8 bar progress bar guide me back if I get a little crazy and lost.

Any insight is super appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Lemur & Ableton Technical Question

Post by alexsandymackey » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:07 am

did you ever get an answer on this ? I'm looking to do basically the same thing

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