Warping Samples or not

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Warping Samples or not

Post by yesNiko » Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:30 pm


i have done now several beats in Ableton and I have to say it is really cool!
But I am relativly new to producing and so I have to watch videos how other people sample songs, for HipHop.

Now what really confuses me is, that the most dont use, or have to option to use something like the warping mode.
Ok now I produced now several beats, as mentioned, based on samples. I start by finding a loop and set the warp markers.
After that i choose a tempo and tada, i got a beat. But somehow the warp mode sucks all groovyness up, even if i add a groove to the clip from the sample.
I find that hard enough to apply a groove to a sample loop, because it fucks everything up most of time.

So I researched a little bit and watched videos how others make sample based beats, without ableton.

And there i found my problem. All first have to find the tempo of the sample, but when i want to do that in ableton, it changes the tempo in real time.
I really dont know, how to do that. Or am I doing something completely wrong?

Please help

Thank you!

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