What can we expect with X?

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Re: What can we expect with X?

Post by The_Subject » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:03 pm

mholloway wrote: God, I hope not. Seriously, the 3rd party market is overloaded with amazing instruments like Omnisphere, Kontakt, Zebra, Diva, Komplete.... the last thing Ableton's devs should be focusing on is some monster new synth that literally nobody needs. Alchemy was cool in its own right, Apple took it over, sure. Logic didn't even need it, really, but it's neat that it's there, and bad for everybody else. But who cares? Live is a DAW, it needs DAW features to be expanded and evolved, it does NOT need some silly bells & whistles native synth device.
Agreed! Keep DAWS DAWS and Synths Synths. It was nice have simple synths in Ableton, they get you started on the program and you learn through them, but I don't want the price of ableton to go up knowing that the extra cash is on a synth when I could just save the cash for....you guessed it, a synth of my specific choosing.

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