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Help ! Novation Bass Station 2 USB MIdi in "busy" ...

Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 8:40 pm
Hi everybody :-) I recently went from Mac To PC and bought a brand new Laptop from Asus - CPu I7 quad core 6700 HQ, 16 GB RAM (DDR4), SSD 256 GB + 1 TB SATA 7200 RPM - Windows 10 Home edition. I installed the latest Version of Live (64 bit, of course) and everything worked very fine : i use to connect some analogue "new generation" synthesizers Via USB MIDI : Novation Bass Station 2, Korg Ms 20 Mini, Arturia Microbrute + some other synths (Moog Voyager, an expander by E-Mu ...) connected by M-Audio MIDI/USB INTERFACE; i also have a M-Audio Code61 MIDI/USB master keyboard connected. As i told, everything was working fine : Ableton could "see" all the MIdi in & out ports BUT a few day ago i also installed the latest versione of SysEx Librarian for the Bass Station 2, downloading teh software from the Novation web site. I immediately realize that i couldn't run the librarian when Ableton is also running, because the librarian itself see the BS II as "busy", taken by another application : You have to close Ableton, run the librarian, do what You have to do with Your patches, then close the librarian and run Ableton : OK, it isn't so annoying at all ... BUT one day, the librarian stopped working : it showed the usual message that You get when You try to run it in "parallel" with Ableton BUT Ableton wasn't running. I closed the librarian, started Ableton BUT Now Live shows the MIDI(USB) IN port of the Bass Station IN RED, meaning that the resource is "busy" ... Midi/USB output is still working fine. So both the librarian and Ableton "see" the BS 2 "busy", taken by another application, the synth is somehow "locked" ... I tried to disinstall all the Novation Drivers, disconnecting the USB cable and the re.connecting the synth, so that the SYstem re-installed its drivers and also i disinstalled the librarian BUT nothing worked : Live is still showing the BS 2 MIDI IN port IN RED ... Now the only way of getting note and CC midi messages from BS 2 is using its "traditional" MIDI OUT with a midi interface connected to my notebook ... I tried to contact the support bY novation, they replied very quicly but they couldn't solve the issue :-( Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance for Your patience, Best Regards - Marcello