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Midi setting for Ipad controller devices.

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:13 pm
by nomadjames
Hey guys,

I have an Ipad with Midimux, Audiobus and Studiomux running so that I can do two different things with the Patterning sequencer. First I just record the audio output of Patterning sometimes straight away, but I also control a drum rack with the Patterning sequencer.

My question is, how do I set up the channel and midi preferences so that Patterning is only controlling those channels? The rest of my midi channels are set to "All Inputs" and "All Channels" and are picking up the patterning info by default. I don't want to change all of them "Push 2" because I may want to control them with the output from my OP-1 sometime...

Thanks in advance.