Your advice please: hardware mastering strip for live perf.

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Your advice please: hardware mastering strip for live perf.

Post by Wolkenhauer » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:53 pm


I would appreciate your advice on changing my setup from an internal master track to using a five channel dj mixer ... not knowing how I can replace my mastering strip in Ableton.

I produce my tracks in arrangement view, group everything into five stems, and from this generate clips for a session view live template with five tracks. The five tracks go into the master track where I have a mastering strip, which consists of EQing, multichannel dynamics, hot tube saturation, glue compressor, and limiter. This goes out to a soundcard. I use Push2 and other MIDI controllers to perform by mixing and using effects.

With the A&H XONE PX5 being available, I am thinking of streaming my five tracks from Ableton into the mixer, to control levels there, run a hardware send effect and so forth. The only problem now is that I have to replace my mastering strip in Ableton with some hardware on the master output of the external mixer.

The A&H mixer have a great EQ, so that's ticked off. Would the FNR Audio RNC or RNLA cover the rest?

If you have a recommendation to what to buy, or not to pursue this, let me know. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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