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Traktor and Link, what am I doing wrong?

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:22 pm
by c00kie
I have Traktor and Live running on separate machines, link works as far as tempo is concerned - nice.

However, I seem to be unable to get clips started in the way I want, it´s always off, not a bit, but a few quarters/bars. Most likely a little setting in Live, but I haven´t found it yet, makes me feel like an idiot :)

So Traktor is running a typical song with patterns of 4/8/16 bars making up different sections. While the song running from traktor is at the last bar of such a section, I want to start a clip in ableton so that it becomes active when the traktor song is playing beat 1 of the next section. However, I end up ableton doing nothing (excepting flashing the beat couter) and then jumping in on a perfect 1, but at bar 2 oder 3 of the traktor song.

What am i doing wrong ?