Choking on different tracks -not in Drum Rack-

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broose masterwerk
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Choking on different tracks -not in Drum Rack-

Post by broose masterwerk » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:22 am

Hi Guys

is there a way to choke different tracks, if you got your drums on different tracks lets say.


Kick - Track one
Clap - Track two
Hat1 - Track three
Hat2 - Track four
Hat3 - Track five
shakers - Track six
Perc1 - Track seven
Perc2 - Track eight
and so on...

i must stay indipendent on each tracks so i dont like to work in a drumrack with all this Elements... I know that i can Choke each Element in a Drumrack... but what are my Choises if i have this Elemts in Different unindipendent Tracks.

thank you alot

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