New plugin for Live

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Post by jdg » Thu Jan 16, 2003 2:07 am

thank you thank you thank you.. awesome pluggin.. wow. good work!

(own lots of ninjatune's catalog already, but more couldn't hurt :D)

best website ever


Post by Guest » Tue Jan 21, 2003 4:30 am

good idea!!!I´m downloading this version....I hope will work with Live.

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Post by Rx » Wed Jan 22, 2003 4:56 am

Damn curious to check this out, but the site's down at the moment. It seems similar to Vellocet Reorder - can anyone comment on that?
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Post by Mbazzy » Wed Jan 22, 2003 8:28 am

It's similar, but the CC is more aimed at "random sample abuse" where Vellocet gives you more control ... -
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Post by Kobalt » Thu Jan 23, 2003 6:58 pm

OMG :!:

THiS PluGs iS ThE CoOLEsT, FuNkIeSt, PlUg yOu MaY DrEAm oF.

To me, it's better than Vellocet Reorder. wilder!

If it could load the following clip it would be an absolute master piece.

btw great work!

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