Renaming & mass 'Locate Pack' after pack installation ?

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Renaming & mass 'Locate Pack' after pack installation ?

Post by alec.tron » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:03 am

I was wondering and couldn't find anything in manual, or on the forum...
I have a fair few packs, and some of the default names they install with do not tell me much unfortunately and I don't quite like having all packs in one folder either...
So, there's a few ways around that.
For the naming issue inside Live I can edit:
*packName*\Ableton Folder Info\Properties.cfg
And adjust the following in there

Code: Select all

String PackDisplayName = "NewFancyNameThatMakesMoreSenseToMe";
Which then displays as NewFancyNameThatMakesMoreSenseToMe as its' type inside of the Ableton browser.

But, moving the pack location on disc post installation to something more suitable for my system rather than having all sit in the same folder, triggering a 'Find Pack' on each within Live to point to the new sorted location (also... on future re-installations of Live :( ), I am not very keen to do this once on all packs... let alone more often.
So, is there a way to do a "mass 'Locate Pack' " for missing packs downstream of a given location somehow ?
Or script a folder trawl for name match (I haven't looked much into Live's api & python - but in theory, the String PackUniqueID should be stored somehwere in Live, so even if PackDisplayName changes in the .cfg file, it should still be able to find the correct pack with its' new name if the PackUniqueID stays consistent...) ?
Or, in absence of that - at least have the 'find' file dialogue that Live opens start on the official packs location (since it they live in category/ sub folders ideally) instead of starting on the very root level of Windows10 in 'This PC' ?


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