Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Tarekith » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:49 pm

Live 10 will be released February 6th btw.

Theo Void
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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Theo Void » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:02 pm

I’ll definitely be getting Live 10 but I’m still rockin Push1. Wonder if that is getting any improvements.

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Angstrom » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:30 pm

Tarekith wrote:Live 10 will be released February 6th btw.
hopefully the BSOD and crash on start bugs will be eradicated by then!

post millennium falcon
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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by post millennium falcon » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:11 pm

This version has many refinements that make it the best version of Live by far; A lot of little things that add up to big workflow improvements. If anyone thinks this update is thin, check out other DAW updates - a lot of them have user requests that never get the time of day... Reason cough cough

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by pencilrocket » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:49 pm

This update gives me impressions that they are trying to approach and attract the Reason hipster "beats" crowd. By the way, the production of their promotion video gives me same impression as that of propellerhead's.

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Mister Natural » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:03 am

strangedaysuk wrote:...I have 9 suite and bought it only 6 months ago (so I am a bit annoyed that I don't get a little more of). I love the program, but ...
If you're new to LIVE, I'd recco you stick with 9.x.x for at least a year to immerse yourself in it. There are a LOT of layers to this onion - b4 taking the next step to 10. At that time, 10.x will be evolved to be perhaps more stable than 10.01 and have grown in feature set as are the habits of Ableton developers.
Take your time and learn the software inside and out before getting the shiny-est / newest version - you've already paid a fair amount for the sexy version you have !

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by smutek » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:54 am

I'm liking the Wavetable synth a lot, though it does start taxing my CPU pretty quickly. What I like most about Wavetable is the UI. I love being able to fold out into a larger interface. One of the things that has always driven me crazy about Live has been having the UI of the native instruments confined to the lower portion of the screen. I don't know if it's because I'm ADD and on the spectrum but I just can't deal with it, it's so confined. I would be super happy to see all of the native Live instruments follow suit and offer full screen UI's.

The Push updates are just fantastic, particularly the melodic step sequencer and midi note view. Being able to see the notes I've played is pretty cool and makes me rely even less on the computer.

I'm also digging the UI overhaul.

I don't know, overall it's just a good release for me. I've been using Live since version 1 and this has been my favorite update so far.

Martin Gifford
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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Martin Gifford » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:42 pm

I like the GUI overhaul, the Collections part of the browser, the multi-midi editing thing, Wavetable, and the drum effect.

For those who say the update is thin, check out this excellent fast summary of all the improvements - it's 28 minutes of improvement after improvement after improvement:

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Angstrom » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:11 pm

Martin Gifford wrote:I like the GUI overhaul, the Collections part of the browser, the multi-midi editing thing, Wavetable, and the drum effect.

For those who say the update is thin, check out this excellent fast summary of all the improvements - it's 28 minutes of improvement after improvement after improvement:
That's a good video, and there are things in there which I either didn't know about or had skipped past such as the metronome deactivating when not in record. But I think that video also highlights the sort of updates which are in this version.
Workflow improvements are good, and if they are implemented in a way which complements your way of working then they can be very good, or if they run counter to your way of working very bad. However that video does illustrate the point that the improvements are mainly a range of workflow changes. It's hard to see those as headline feaures.

Each user is going to see those updates ranging from : "oooh, that's a big one" all the way through to "pfft, I'm never using that". Each of us will be different. I'm not gonna use the Push updates & integration, and somebody else won't care about Mp3 exporting.

EG: I work a lot in arrangment and the update of arrangement is a headline feature for L10, but I'm not deriving massive benefits from what's been done to arrangment, I keep trying the new things but keep tripping over myself. So despite there being a ton of changes it can't make a "favourite feaure list". Likewise I keep wanting to use Capture, but I have a pretty good solution for this anyway (a footpedal) so I've not found a way to incorporate Capture yet.
This will always be the case with any addition. Even if they had added comping I'm sure 50% of users would say WTF I'm never gonna comp a take.

However I think there were a few areas which they could have added which would appeal to the core values of the software : Improve Session so that clips can hold multi-regions (like Bitwig). Improve Session so that it interacts with Arranging more powerfully to create regions like Studio One. I think most Live users come to it for the power of Session, and most of the talk about how weak Live's arrangment is relates to the lack of non-linear innovation on par with Session. I'm not sure that "arrow keys can move clips" is really what we were crying out for. I'm still exporting stems to Studio One to arrange and it's not the best workflow.

Well, I like the multiclip editing, I like the MP3 export, and the new metronome sound. I like the way my laptop can display the UI correctly now and I hope that the point versions bring some big things which help me arrange music more effectively.

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by mikb » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:54 pm

Theo Void wrote:I’ll definitely be getting Live 10 but I’m still rockin Push1. Wonder if that is getting any improvements.
It is. The "chord sequencer" mode (May be called something else) is my favorite function. With it the bottom half is for selecting notes. If you select multiple notes you can then place these rhythmically in the clip in the top half with just one pad, representing all selected. I've only tried this a few times and I like it a lot for inventing new stuff.
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Theo Void
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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Theo Void » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:55 pm

mikb wrote:
Theo Void wrote:I’ll definitely be getting Live 10 but I’m still rockin Push1. Wonder if that is getting any improvements.
It is. The "chord sequencer" mode (May be called something else) is my favorite function. With it the bottom half is for selecting notes. If you select multiple notes you can then place these rhythmically in the clip in the top half with just one pad, representing all selected. I've only tried this a few times and I like it a lot for inventing new stuff.
Thank you. I don't think Ill be able to hold off much longer on the PUSH 2 . That thing is gorgeous and I already love the jamming work-flow I get with it w/o looking at the computer. That's how I come up with ideas. I have Maschine Studio and it's really good for that too but Live is my primary tool so anything I come up with in Maschine gets dragged and dropped into Live. I'd rather do it all in Live and I have never been able to find a suitable work-flow between Maschine and Live aside from drag and drop.

I just bought a Digitakt and am waiting for Overbridge to become available which is supposed to be Feb. I think Push 2 will be my next gear purchase.
I'll have to look on eBay and see how much I can get for Push 1.

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by 8E » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:06 pm

Just to say that mp3 export is due to the expired license. The MP3 technology became patent-free in the United States on 16 April 2017.

Ableton could implement that earlier, but should pay the license fee. Technicolor had been actively enforcing all patents implemented inside mp3. MP3 license revenues from Technicolor's administration generated about €100 million for the Fraunhofer Society in 2005.

Now, when license is expired, it is freely implemented into Ableton Live.
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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by kia333 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:46 pm

Finally we have MP3, hopefully it will be OMF support next....

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by strangedaysuk » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:43 pm

Oh my god - someone said I shouldn't upgrade but after watching the youtube video I'm sold - bad marketing or what from Ableton!!! They should have been clear here. There are so many good features I know I need. The new Zooming functions are much more like Pro Tools, the chase midi thing was unclear to me at first but is essential! Track colours a massive improvement just like Pro Tools. Much better little editing tweaks, far more professional. I see where they are going, direct towards the pro style of working. Ok im sold thanks for that video! I can see now that it was just not made clear how many things there are. I will be buying the upgrade. Back to the beta version to play!!!!

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Re: Ableton Live 10 - whats your favourite new features?

Post by Tarekith » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:48 am

Here's the full list, sorry for formatting:

Arrangement Editing
•Warped Arrangement audio clips can now be stretched by holding down Shift while dragging their border.
•It is now possible to move Arrangement clips within a time selection using the arrow left/right keys. To toggle grid snapping, hold down the "CMD" (Mac) / "Alt" (PC) modifier key.
•It is now possible to slide the contents of an Arrangement clip within the clip's boundaries, by holding "Alt+Shift" (Mac) / "Ctrl+Shift" (PC) and dragging the clip's track display area. To toggle grid snapping, hold down the "CMD" (Mac) / "Alt" (PC) modifier key.
•In the Arrangement, the "Reverse" command can now be performed on a time selection via the new "R" shortcut key. Also fixed a bug related to reversing samples.
•When using Reverse on a partially-selected clip in Arrangement, only the selected part is reversed.
•It is now possible to deactivate, reverse and crop selected material within a time selection on an automation lane.
•The "Activate/Deactivate clip(s)" command now only (de)activates the selected portion of Arrangement clips. Previously, the entire clip would be (de)activated, even if only part of it was selected.
•Arrangement clips can now be moved by dragging the upper half of the clip content area. The mouse cursor changes to a hand to indicate the clip's draggable area, where time selections can also be made via a single-click.
•The Edit menu's Loop Selection can now be toggled by pressing "CMD+L" (Mac) / "CTRL+L". (PC). Previously, the shortcut could only enable the Arrangement Loop, but not disable it.
•It is now possible to enable MIDI note chasing via the "Chase MIDI Notes" command in the Options menu.
•It is possible to import an audio or MIDI file via the ‘Create’ menu. Depending on the track type, this command is named “Import MIDI File…” or “Import Audio File”. The file will be inserted either where at the Insert Marker position (Arrangement View) or in the currently selected empty clip slot (Session View).
•Double-clicking on a MIDI track in Arrangement View now creates a new MIDI clip.
•MIDI and Key mappings can now be assigned to the Lock Envelopes switch.

•Implemented a global automation mode. In the Arrangement, the visibility of all automation lanes is now toggled via the Automation Mode button or the "A" key. When the automation lanes are visible, the content lanes are minimized to the height of the clip headers.
•Fades have been removed from the Fades/Devices chooser in the Arrangement. Clip fades are now always available in the content lane, if the track is at least three units tall.
•It is now possible to split and consolidate material in a time selection also when the selection exists in an automation lane.
•It is now possible to create automation breakpoints by double-clicking anywhere in an envelope view/automation lane. In the Arrangement, this means that MIDI clips can only be created by double-clicking in the content lane.
•When moving multiple segments within a time selection, snapping aligns at left or the right of the time selection, depending on which side of the time selection you start dragging. A similar logic is also applied to single segments. Additionally, when hovering near segments the value for the aligned events is now shown. The automation value at the border of a time selection is also shown, regardless if a breakpoint exists, when hovering in proximity of a segment.
•While creating an automation breakpoint in a time selection, the time selection disappears, which enables moving the newly-created breakpoint.
•When dragging automation breakpoints or segments, they now snap to existing breakpoint times. The "Shift" modifier is no longer required for moving automation segments past existing breakpoints. When the grid is disabled, automation breakpoints now snap to breakpoint times and grid times if they are one pixel away.
•For breakpoints grabbed by the mouse, automation values are now displayed when hovering over a breakpoint, or dragging any of the following: an automation segment, a time selection automation segment, or multiple breakpoints in a time selection.
•It is now possible to move automation segments horizontally.
•When breakpoints are created close to a grid line, they now automatically snap to the grid.
•A vertical editing helper line now appears when moving breakpoints in the Arrangement View or Detail View.
•Breakpoints are now quantized when they are moved.
•Introduced fade edge handles in the Arrangement, which allow users to change the duration of a fade in (via the "Fade In Start Handle") and fade out (via the "Fade Out End Handle") without affecting the fade peaks. However, a fade edge cannot move beyond the the fade peak. To do this, the clip start/end must be used to increase the size of that clip.
•Holding "ALT" while resizing one track now resizes all tracks in the current view.

•It is now possible to display and search for uninstalled Packs within the browser, and install them from there.
•The Packs sidebar label now shows updates made to Packs. Users can now download and install these updates.
•After restarting Live, previously downloaded Packs are now ready for installation, and partially-downloaded Packs can now resume downloading (unless Live was restarted on a metered internet connection).
•Introduced the Colors feature in Live’s browser, which enables tagging browser items with a choice of seven colors. Colors can be assigned to items via context menu entries, or using the number keys (1-7 for assigning colors, and 0 to reset). Multiple colors can be assigned to an item, but no more than three colors will be shown. New labels show all items tagged with their respective color. These labels can be renamed via a context menu, and shown/hidden via the “Edit” button next to the “Collections” header. On initial usage, only the red color label (named “Favorites”), is shown.
•Improved the behavior when using the "Locate" button to find a missing user folder. Previously, this would trigger a complete re-scan of the new folder, even if the contents were exactly the same as before, and also lose any colors assigned to items in the folder.
•When previewing samples in the browser, samples less than 2.5 seconds will always play unwarped and unquantized. Samples longer than 2.5 seconds are unchanged and will play quantized unless the "Raw" button is on.
•The hierarchy of Group Tracks in a Live Set now appears in the browser. This allows dragging the contents of a Group Track into the current Live Set.
•In the browser's sidebar, it is now possible to rename user folder labels. The User Library and Current Project folders now have context menus with the "Locate Folder" / "Show in Finder" command. Files can be dragged and dropped onto the User Library, Current Project and use folder labels directly.

•Introduced “Capture”: a new way to get music into Live, without the stress of recording. Live now always listens to MIDI input on monitored tracks (i.e. armed tracks with the monitoring set to “Auto”, or unarmed tracks with the monitoring set to “In”). Pressing the “Capture” button creates a Session clip that contains the last phrase played, without any need to activate recording or playback beforehand. Live plays back the captured loop immediately, ready for you to add more material.
•To trigger Capture from Push 1 and 2, press and hold the “Record” button and then press “New”.

File Handling
•The Export Audio/Video dialog now shows toggles for "Export PCM" and "Export MP3". When "Export PCM" is on, a PCM file is written. In addition to WAV and AIFF, FLAC and WavPack formats are available for PCM export. When "Export MP3" is on, a CBR 320 kbps MP3 file is written. It is possible to export PCM and MP3 simultaneously. If neither toggle is enabled, the Export button will be disabled.
•Upon saving a Set using "Save Live Set", "Save Live Set As" or "Save a Copy", the previous version gets moved into a backup folder of the current Project. Up to 10 old versions of the Set are stored in this folder. In Live's browser, the current Set has "Show Old Version" context menu command, that points to its most recent backup version. When a backup version is loaded, it gets saved to the original location.
•When saving a Live Set, the undo history is no longer cleared. The original file and history position are remembered when creating, loading and saving a Live set and the information is used to restore the Live set after a crash.
•Improved naming and sorting of recorded audio files, by attaching a timestamp to the filename. 
•Added various changes for Windows 10:
•  - Live now supports the Jump List.
•  - When using Live 9 and 10 in parallel, they no longer ask for admin rights if you start them   interchangeably.
•  - Owners of Live 9 and 10 can choose which version of Live to open a Live Set with, by right-clicking that Set and selecting "Open With".
•  - It is now possible to associate .als files with a specific Live version, via "Control Panel" ? "Apps" ? "Default Apps".
•Large Live Sets can now be closed 5-10 times faster.
•Improved the speed of loading samples referenced by a Live Set. This reduces the Live Set loading time considerably.
•Dropped support for The Bridge.

Interface Improvements
•Incorporated the new Ableton Sans font in Live.
•Introduced the Live 10 color palette.
•MIDI notes are now drawn in their clip color in the Note Editor.
•Updated the appearance of clips in both Session and Arrangement View.
•Introduced a set of five new themes in place of the previously available Live "skins".
•Introduced a preference to enable HiDPI mode on Windows. HiDPI mode can be enabled on Windows 10 via Live's Preferences ? Look/Feel ? Enable HiDPI mode.
•Introduced Pen Tablet Mode and added it to Live's Preferences. Pen Tablet Mode allows use of graphic tablets to meaningfully control Live’s UI, and improves the experience with touch screens. It replaces the "AbsoluteMouseMode" option.
•Added new mouse cursors for resizing clips and dragging clip content in the Arrangement on Windows.
•Live's dials and sliders are now rendered using real-time vector graphics rather than bitmaps. The result looks sharp and consistent at any zoom level.
•Added a "Assign Track Color to Clips" menu item to the context menu of track headers. When the command is used in the Arrangement View, it applies the track color to Arrangement View clips. When used in Session View, it applies the color to Session View clips.
•Enabled sample dots on the waveforms. When zooming in, users can now more closely see where their samples are on the Time Ruler.
•Some of Live’s UI motion has been improved to move at 60 frames per second.
•Added several visual improvements for Windows: the second window now shows the same menu bar as the main window. When the Alt key is pressed, no letters in the menu bar are underlined anymore. Also, modal windows now come to the front if the window underneath is clicked. Previously, the modal window could only be brought to the front by Alt+Tabbing to a Live window.
•Previously, resizing the Session View vertically or horizontally caused the Session View to "bounce" up and down, as a way of accommodating the vertical / horizontal quantization of resized scenes and clips. Now, the Session View is resized in a fluid way, with no bouncing or quantization.
•The clip/device drop area is now always displayed in Session View to enable dragging.
Max for Live Improvements
•Max is now bundled in Live, and no longer requires an external installation.
•Live will always use the bundled version of Max.
•Max is now loaded at startup, instead of when the first Max device is used.
•Max for Live devices now support multiple audio inputs and outputs, which can be accessed via the track's Input and Output Channel choosers. Devices can also be routed to arbitrary tracks via the Live API.
•It is now possible to route devices and device chains to Max for Live devices.

•It is now possible to change a track's Pan control to 'Split Stereo Pan Mode', via a context menu item. This both applies to both Arrangement and Session View.
•It is now possible to route an individual Drum Rack pad's audio output to one of its parent Drum Rack's return chains. This allows these return chains to be used as mix buses.
•It is now possible to reset knob and slider control values to their default value by double-clicking them (in the same way that the "Delete" keyboard shortcut works). The double-click gesture does not apply to toggles or action buttons.
Multi MIDI Clip Editing
•Introduced multi-clip editing, which enables viewing up to seven MIDI clips at the same time. When multiple MIDI clips are selected, clicking on a note or multi-clip loop bar in the MIDI Editor sets the focus on the respective clip. Loop points are represented by vertical lines in the Note Editor.
•The state of the MIDI Editor's Fold button is now set globally across all tracks, rather than per track. The Fold button can now be Key/MIDI-mapped.
•The state of the MIDI Editor's Preview switch is now set globally across all tracks, rather than per track.
•Changed Fold button behaviour for MIDI clips on tracks that contain a Drum Rack: when Fold is deactivated, the MIDI Note Editor only shows rows with notes corresponding to a pad with devices on it, and when Fold is activated, only rows containing notes are displayed.

•“Added “Show All Tracks” in the View and context menus in the Arrangement View. This minimizes all tracks, allowing you to see as many as possible on your screen. The action can also be triggered via the "S" shortcut.
•It is now possible to zoom to (and back from) time selection in Arrangement and in Detail View. This feature can be triggered with the "Z"  and Shift + "Z" respectively, via the View menu, or via a context menu item.
•It is now possible to zoom vertically and horizontally in the Arrangement View, using two-finger trackpad gestures or a mousewheel. Pressing "ALT" (Mac/Win) while scrolling vertically zooms the amplitude/pitch axis of the selected track(s). Pressing "CMD" (Mac) / "CTRL" (Win) while scrolling vertically zooms the timeline to the cursor position.
•It is now possible to scroll horizontally using the Shift modifier key also on WIndows.
•On U.S. keyboards, it is now possible to zoom by pressing "+" without using the Shift modifier key.
•In Arrangement View, Detail View, Simpler, and Sampler, zooming with a mouse wheel or trackpad is now possible using the Ctrl (WIN) or Cmd (OSX)  modifier key.
•When time is selected within an Arrangement clip, Detail View's display now zooms in on the selected time.
•When making an edit in the Arrangement or Detail View, Follow is now paused instead of being deactivated. When paused, the Follow button changes from yellow to orange. When stopping or re-starting playback, or scrubbing, Follow starts again. Furthermore, Follow is also paused when scrolling horizontally in Arrangement.
•Dragging frozen clips and tails to the clip/device drop area in the Arrangement View creates new frozen tracks.
•Dragging clips from existing tracks to the clip/device drop area creates a new track with those clips, and also the devices from the original tracks.
•Audio effects can now be dragged to the Master track's Scene Launch area.

New Devices and Device Improvements
•Introduced Wavetable, a new Instrument for Live. Wavetable is a dual oscillator wavetable synthesizer with flexible modulation, that brings harmonically rich and expansive modern sounds to Live’s sonic palette.
•Introduced “Echo”, a new audio effect device for Live. Echo is a modulation delay that is capable of a wide range of sounds, from tape-saturated and bucket-brigade styles, right through to modern, clean and digital delays. Echo includes an LFO that modulates filter frequency and delay time, and an envelope follower that can be blended with the LFO. “Noise” and “Wobble” parameters simulate sound artifacts found in vintage delays. Also included are a distortion switch, a reverb, stereo width control, a ducking compressor, a gate, a feedback signal inversion switch, and a toggle for repitching and crossfading repeats.
•Introduced “Pedal”, a new audio effect device for Live. Pedal is a guitar distortion effect, that can also be used in less conventional settings, e.g., as a standalone effect on synths or drums. Pedal has three different modes: Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz. Each mode was inspired by distortion pedals with their own distinct sonic characteristics, including: warm and smooth, tight and aggressive, and bluesy yet broken.
•Introduced “Drumbuss”, a new audio effect for Live. An analog-style drum processor, Drumbuss was designed to add body and character to a group of drums, while gluing them together in a tight mix. Drumbuss combines the most used drum processing tools into a single device, which includes distortion, a compressor, low-frequency enhancement, a transient shaper and a control for dampening high frequency response.
•Introduced the improved “Utility” device for Live. The Gain control can now be adjusted from -infinite dB to +35 dB. The Left / Right Phase buttons now invert Utility’s input signal instead of its output signal. Furthermore, the layout has been redesigned to fit new features, including a Mono switch, a Bass Mono switch, a Bass Mono Frequency slider, a Bass Mono Audition button, and a Balance knob control (which replaces the Panorama slider). Older Sets will continue to sound the same due to an added legacy mode. Older Utility devices can be upgraded via a button in the title bar."
•Extended EQ Eight's minimum frequency down to 10 Hz.

Nested Groups
•It is now possible to create Group Tracks within Group Tracks.
•For Group Tracks, the "Assign Track Color to Clips" context menu item was renamed to "Assign Track Color To Grouped Tracks & Clips". When the command is used, the contained tracks (and their respective clips) inherit the Group Track's color.

•Control Surfaces are now available when Live runs as a ReWire slave. This applies to both Push 1 and 2 as well.
•It is now possible to convert audio to MIDI from Push, using the Convert button.
•Added Split Stereo Pan Mode to Push 1 and 2. When Split Stereo Pan Mode is active while in Global Mix Mode, the current pan value is displayed but the pan dial is inactive. In Track Mix Mode, either the pan dial or stereo pan sliders are shown, depending on the active pan mode.
•The Repeat button's state and setting is now remembered for each track.
•It is now possible to arm a track with one hand via Push 2 by holding the respective track's selection button.
•Nested chains can now be displayed, folded and unfolded on Push 2.
•Introduced a root level 'Collections' folder for color labels/collections in the Push 2 browser in Live 10. This prevents other important root level items like 'User Files' from being pushed off the screen by many Collection Labels.  

Push Device Visualization
•Visualization of filter bands was added to EQ Eight on Push 2.
•Added a new parameter layout and a graphical representation of the Activity View to Compressor on Push 2.
•It is now possible to configure a sidechain routing for Compressor from Push 2.
•Redesigned the Filter Envelope, LFO Envelope, and Pitch Envelope banks for Operator on Push 2, and added a visualization to the Envelopes.
•Added a visualization of Simpler's Envelopes to Push 2.
•Improved waveform drawing performance for Push 2.
Push MIDI Clip Mode
•Notes are now shown in Push 2’s Clip Mode, when a MIDI clip is selected. The velocity of each note is also indicated by the note's opacity.
•Implemented a representation of the sequenceable area for the melodic step sequencer on the Push 2 display. A grid window indicates the sequenceable range on the pads within the selected loop page.
•It is now possible to crop MIDI clips from Push 2.
•When changing the loop position from Clip View, the 32-pad melodic step sequencer now follows the active portion of a clip.

Push Note Layouts
•Introduced a new note layout mode on Push, consisting of a 32-step sequencer on the top half of the pad matrix and 32 notes on the bottom half. Users can press pads in the lower section to select which notes to add via the step sequencer, in the upper section. Users can see, add, and remove pitches from steps by holding the respective pads.
•Added a loop selector to the 32-pad melodic step sequencer layout. Users can access it by holding the Layout button on Push 2 or holding the Note button on Push 1.
•On Push 1 and 2, note layouts are now remembered per track.
•It is now possible to delete the contents of a sequencer page on Push 1 and 2, by holding "Delete" and using the Loop Selector.
•It is now possible to duplicate the content of a sequencer page on Push, by holding "Duplicate" and using the Loop Selector.
•Removed the loop length pads from the Melodic Sequencer on Push 1 and 2, to allow sequencing an extra note on the pads. The loop length pads can still be accessed momentarily, by holding the Note button (Push 1) or Layout button (Push 2).  
•Pressing Shift”+“Note” (Push 1) or “Shift”+”Layout” (Push 2) now locks the selected layout’s alternate layout. This removes the need to hold the “Note” or ”Layout” button, freeing up that hand for other tasks. Pressing “Note” (Push 1) or “Layout” (Push 2) again unlocks the alternate layout.
•When using the 16-pad layout in Drum Racks and Simpler’s Slicing Mode, holding the “Note” button (Push 1) or "Layout" button (Push 2) momentarily toggles the 16 Velocities layout.
•It is now possible to access the Loop Selector while in 64-pad mode by holding the “Note” button (Push 1) or "Layout" button (Push 2).
•When using the 16 Velocities layout, holding the "Note" button on Push 1 or “Layout” button on Push 2 now toggles the Loop Selector.

•It is now possible to set names for mono or stereo input and output channels from the Input/Output Config preferences window. These names appear in all Input/Output Channel chooser dropdowns (Note: the names are always only associated with the specific audio device; they are not transferred to any other devices). "Tab" and "Shift-Tab" key commands can be used to cycle between the channel names.
•It is now possible to choose between different metronome sounds from the Metronome's context menu.
•It is now possible to select a different tick interval for the Metronome, via its pull-down and context menus. The default "Auto" setting behaves the same as in Live 9 (i.e., the tick interval follows the time signature's denominator). Interval selections that don't fit into one bar of the current time signature will appear disabled. If the currently selected interval no longer fits in a bar due to a time signature change, the metronome tick will return to the "Auto" behavior. However if the time signature is changed so that the interval selection fits in a bar again, the tick will follow the selected interval.
•Added the "Enable only while recording" menu item to the Metronome's pull-down and context menus. If this is enabled and the Metronome is activated, the Metronome is only audible while recording. If recording into the Arrangement while the Punch-In switch is active, the Metronome is only audible after the punch-in point. The "Enable only while recording" setting is not saved in Preferences, and must be enabled every time Live is started.
•The Computer MIDI Keyboard is now always off at application launch. It can now be toggled with the "M" key.
•By default, the Computer MIDI Keyboard is now always disabled on start up. Its current state is kept when creating or loading a Live Set.
•Live 64-bit performance on Windows should now be slightly improved.
•On Windows, the small arrow that exits Fullscreen Mode is now also visible in the lower right corner of the second window.
•On Windows, authorizing Live after reinstalling your operating system does not require to use up another authorization.
•Updated FLAC to 1.3.2 and enabled code optimizations. Live Packs might now install up to 20% faster than before on modern CPUs.
•Context menu items now react when the mouse is released, instead of after the initial mouse click. This makes it possible to drag away from a selection to cancel triggering an item, while keeping the context menu open. When hovering over disabled context menu items, they are no longer highlighted.

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