Audio Recording into Sections into Clips

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Audio Recording into Sections into Clips

Post by sj1 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:44 pm


I am trying to use Live 10 to record audio, slice it into 4 measure loops, and make those loops into clips that I can trigger from my Launchpad Pro. I need the loops to be cleanly and accurately cut. Ultimately there will be a great many of these and so I need a procedure that is as efficient as possible. I'm having a very difficult time of it.

I'd like to describe my scenario, along with what I'm seeing, and see if anyone can offer me insight.


The picture above shows 32 bars of audio recording. This actually represents 8 different 4-bar grooves (aka "scenes", algorithmic output of KARMA, if anyone knows what that is <g>) which were recorded in one pass, switching to a new groove in realtime every 4 bars. This "performance" in itself, audio generated by KARMA, with the groove change triggered every 4 bars, was in realtime audibly flawless.

The challenge now is to extract the individual 4-bar sections as clips.

I've already spent much time with the manual and experimented extensively, but good results have not been forthcoming. There seems to be many things I do not understand about what I am looking at and how to proceed.

This recording was made with Live set to Ext sync, with the clock coming from KARMA.

#1 Why is the recording created with Warp On? I thought my settings were such that Warp would be Off, but obviously this is not the case. Can a recording be created with Warp Off?

#2 How were the positions of the Warp Markers arrived at?

#3 How is it that when I zoom in I can see the groove transitions taking place *before* the barlines in the recording, when the generator is providing the clock and does not itself change the grooves until at (or slightly after) the bar line?

#4 If Warp Markers are destined to be auto-created, can I cause them to be auto-created either a) only at 4 measure points, or b) only at the bar lines, or c) only at the start and end of the entire recording?

#5 If I'm stuck with a bunch of Warp Markers I don't want, is there a way to bulk-select and delete them?

Conceptually, the next thing I want to do is to cut up the track into 8 sections - each of which is destined to become a clip in the Session view.

Visually, this is the idea:


#7 After cutting at the bar lines to create the 8 sections, none of these sections start/end correctly with the music aligned to the barline.

#8 After doing a copy/paste of a single section from the Arrange view to the Session view, the resulting clip is not even set to loop. If I click Loop On, then the loop is not set to length of 4 bars, but to length of 35 3 3 bars. Is there a way to cause Live to default to making a 4-bar section on the Arrange side copy/paste into a ready-to-go 4-bar clip on the Session side?


I think I could go on-and-on with additional experiments, results, and questions about things I don't understand. This post is already long as it is, so I'm going to end it. If perhaps I can come to understand the issues (or at least some of them) as presented so far then perhaps I can move the ball forward from here.

My sincere thanks to anyone who was willing to take the time to read this, understand my goal, and help guide me towards it!

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