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Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:51 pm
by krakra
I've been planing to do this for a while. I do not like the Ableton Drumracks/Kits too much but I like the workflow of ableton. And Maschine is just way too limiting but has the better-sounding kits (I also own many expansions). Although there might be plenty of workarounds for the issue that you cannot use Maschine Kits as drumracks they still feel half-baked and I hate the hustle with additional windows (maschine).
This is why I would like to export all sounds of all kits as wave files and then import these to built drumracks. Perhaps there is a better solution than the one I came up with - Please tell me if there is one as my method will be rather laborious and it also has some other flaws.

I open one kit after another with always the same 1bar pattern: for every sound (all 16) a note on the first 16th.
Then I export using the source option "sound outputs". Additionally I have to manually type in the name of the kit. The export is done within 2 seconds and I get a folder with all 16 sounds of the kits. The obvious disadvantage of this method is that the files get rather large as some drums are short and the silence is also recorded. However, perhaps I will find a tool that is able to cut that out automatically in a batch job.
Then I switch to ableton, generate a new drumrack and just drag the files into it. Finally I just have to save it.

I started this 4 months ago, but was too busy to continue. Actually everything worked fine. However currently Im struggling with the drag n drop - most likely this due to another windows10 update that tries to protect me from the evil (Administrator mode whatever...?). Isn't it possible to drag a whole folder? When I recall it right this was possible before. Im also unable to drag the 16 files by selecting them manually in the browser and dragging them over. I can only drag single files :( .

Whatever, the main question is whether you think that this is the most convenient method....or is there perhaps a way to sort the original wave files into folders?

Re: Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:12 am
by mothergarage
If the drum cell in maschine is a sample it is already on your hard drive. Search for the location of your Maschine library.
Or ou could load Maschine in a drrumrack and save each kit seperately. Once set up this should be easy.

Re: Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:31 am
by krakra
Thanks for your reply mothergarage.

You are right: The samples are on the hard drive. However, they not sorted by kits. You have a folder with all kicks, with all snares, with all claps etc. It would take forever to find all the sounds belonging to one kit.

You are right I could load each kit with the machine plugin in a drumrack. But I dont want to load the plugin every time (slows down opening) and I want to be able to to manipulate the sample with simpler right away. Furthermore, having the samples of a particular kit in a folder would enable me to also use them for other purposes e.g. use them for an external sampler (Roland TR8S for instance)

Re: Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:25 am
by alpertt
Instead of export, right click on a group & "Save group with samples"..
That copies 16(+) audio files in a folder.
No gaps in audio files and seems faster, no?

Re: Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:46 pm
by krakra
Wow, thanks alpertt. Thats pretty much what I've been looking for. The only disadvantage is that you don't get the original order (export starts with the kick as 001, snare as 002 - when you import it you get the same arrangement on the push pads as with the machine). But otherwise its pretty perfect.

Re: Transform Maschine Kits into Dumracks

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:38 pm
by krakra
OK, to the other question: Shoudln't it be possible to drag a whole folder from the browser onto the drumrack so it inserts one wave-file per pad?