Artificial Noise Key Control

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Artificial Noise Key Control

Post by sinextesia » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:44 pm

I know that probably this question has already been done and that I should instead learn how to play the piano (I am a guitar player), but...
is there any way to replicate the functionality of this device with the Ableton standard midi devices (scale etc) or any max device, vst, etc?

Although Push 2 is great with the scale function to "find out some ideas" actually I find much "easy" to play real keys.
So basically I would like to only play the white keys in my hardware synth (for example CDEFGAB) and while I play these keys that for example Ableton would receive the keys in E minor (EF#GABCD).

Sorry again if this has been already asked but I tried in different ways to achieve this functionality with the Ableton devices in the past and I wasn't able to. Besides, in the piano roll the original notes were recorded and not the ones in the scale which is not too intuitive.

Perhaps this little device from Artificial Noise which looks great is the easier way to go...

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