Ableton 10 slow to load instruments, drums, rack etc...

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Re: Ableton 10 slow to load instruments, drums, rack etc...

Post by tedlogan » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:40 pm

Sets take pretty damn long to load these days. About 1 minute for a usual set of mine, where it used to take around 10 seconds (also Live 10). I did purchase Soundtoys 5 recently (it is so very excellent) after about a 2 year hiatus from music due to spending all my free time readying for a new career, so perhaps I need to finetune my PC again, or something extremely dull along those lines.

Maybe Soundtoys takes long to load and therefore slows down everything, as it is now used extensively in all sets. I cannot be bothered to do any tests as at this moment I'd rather suck a caribou's ass. I just thought I'd chime in that I too experience drastically longer loading times, but only with sets.

A typical set of mine's 4-12 tracks, a few Zebra, Bazille, Hive instances, Satin, some guitar audio recorded tracks, now about 1 - 6 instances of a soundtoys plugin per track, 2 return channels with convolution reverb pro and or echoboy etc.

live 10.0.05
PC windows 8.1
gtx 980ti
Push 2

......I just did a test anyway, it was awful, but i did it. Without soundtoys in the set - 17 seconds to load. With 6 randomly scattered ST chucked around the set- 30 seconds to load. So i guess I've solved why it loads so much longer to load all my current sets with many more ST instances within them.

I'm definitely not going to test further as I don't care that much anymore and would rather suck a caribou's ass.


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