Ableton 10 about to purchase

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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by Stromkraft » Sat May 19, 2018 1:14 pm

I'd suggest you get Live 10 Standard and one or a few of great free synths like
  • U-he TyrellN6 that beats Analog, coming with Suite, with a large margin when it comes to sound quality and versatility.
  • Another free synth alternative is Obxd.
  • Dexed is a great free alternative to Suite's Operator.
  • Simpler is good enough as a sampler I think, certainly in drum racks and if you need more you can get free Samplers like the TX16Wx Software Sampler or similar.
Rather than getting all of these free alternatives I suggest you start with using and learning one at a time, for a month or so.
As a former owner of Suite I feel most of the samples coming with Suite are quite "meeh" and not worth the time. With the exception of Wavetable and Electric the rest of the synths are less useful and less well-sounding than the free alternatives, though Tension and Collision could be interesting. That's what I thought, but I almost never used these during the 5 years I had them. Sampler is really nice as well, but the free ones are up there with it.

All of the Suite synths, except for Wavetable possibly, have one advantage and that is CPU usage. They do use less, which can be important. Less CPU usage has been tremendously important to me. Despite this I think it's wiser to start with the just the one of the free instrument alternatives (as well as some of the great free audio effect plug-ins later if need be) and Live 10 Standard.

Max For Live is great and I love it, but it's nothing one MUST have and it's taking precious focus if your'e starting out, which is better spent on finishing songs. Among my collaborators I'm alone in using MFL.

Using standard and one great free synth means you're saving money and being focused on learning and developing your music. Standard is a great Live version.
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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by v00d00ppl » Sun May 20, 2018 7:44 pm

You won’t need push 2. I have push 2, but usually I just use the mpd232 for drums, my prophet 6 for keys.

The best thing about 10 suite is the soundpacks they put out. It’s one of the best curated packs I’ve ever heard. I remember buying maschine studio for the sounds, but the sound packs in 10 are comparable if not an inch better. Glue compressor, the limiter, and the stock effects are good. Electric and wavetablw are good too. Analog is also good for a subtractive synth.
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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by Stromkraft » Sun May 20, 2018 8:12 pm

AndyDD_UK wrote:not wanting to pay for Push ideally
The original Push is still great and available on the second hand market. Make sure the seller guarantees all pads, encoders and contacts are fully operable. If you just want to try out the work flow of a Push this is a viable first step. Five years in I consider this one of my better investments. I love the Push.
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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by H20nly » Mon May 21, 2018 5:46 pm

AndyDD_UK wrote:Thanks for your comment. Logic comes with ability to edit audio (e.g. Vocals). I understand you cannot do that in any of the versions of Ableton and so need to buy extra (if are working with vocals) . I've read melodyne is good for ableton .

Do you (or anyone else on here) use ableton vs Logic vs Cubase and melodyne and have a view/Recomendation?

Many thanks
i actually have both. i prefer Cubase because that was my first professional grade DAW and I learned a lot using it. the problem with Cubase is the update cycle and cost. so bang for the buck dictates that Logic is the logical choice.

either of them pair well with Live running as Slave. so you can produce your tracks in Live and then move over to 'DAW B' for vocals.

having said all that, Live can handle vocals... it's not like it's impossible. it really depends on how much you want to edit them. so, a lot of that depends on your source material. if you aren't trying to *comp* vocal takes together, Live has everything else you need.

once Live gets comping, then maybe we can leave these conversations in the thread archives. but Ableton seem to hate the idea of comping for some reason. people have been asking for it for at least the last 3 versions... and it's not like almost every other DAW doesn't have a model to 'borrow' ideas from...
:idea: Live users aren't necessarily looking for new and innovative ways to comp... they just wanna comp - efficiently.

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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by Biome Digital » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:18 am

jlgrimes wrote:
AndyDD_UK wrote:Hi guys
I'm buying a DAW. I did the Ableton 30 day trial and I really like it.

Most times I read people saying use whatever DAW you feel comfortable with.

I can that Drum Rack etc comes out of the box and that there are more plugins available from the site.

I'm expecting to pay for other stuff eg so can do vocal edits

If I bought Ableton what else would I need for EDM ? (Not DJing/playing live and not wanting to pay for Push ideally).

Would really appreciate some guidance

Many thanks Andy
Wavetable and Operator are great synths. Wavetable especially should get u in the ballpark.

Stay with Suite for a while and from there figure out where you are lacking.

Wavetable really is a good synth. Sometimes limitations force you to be more creative.
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Re: Ableton 10 about to purchase

Post by Martin Gifford » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:06 am

I think it depends on how cluey you are. I wasn't cluey. I got Live Intro and veged out on it, wondering why I wasn't inspired. After a year, I had a pile of recordings with potential but with dull basic Ableton sounds. Then I heard some good synths and effects and realised I had been wasting my time with uninspiring Ableton sounds. The best thing I could have done was to buy:

- an audio interface and speakers
- a mic
- a mic stand that puts the mic in front of your face (much more likely to use it if it's right in front of your face)
- an Akai LPK25 (fits in front of laptop without getting in the way, so you are more likely to use it, and it's simple so no distractions)
- a nice synth VST that inspires you
- a sparkly reverb VST (e.g. Valhalla Room)

But that's just me. I got off to a bad start and by the time I figured out what to do, I lost interest. Just helping others now. Others can follow their nose, and trace the scent through the forest quickly. Note that Ableton has Wavetable and Max4Live built in now, so maybe the sounds are better than they used to be.

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