How to use QuNexus to control Ableton Live

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How to use QuNexus to control Ableton Live

Post by spkey » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:29 pm

Hi all,

I've recently bought a QuNexus MIDI Controller.
I can connect it to Live and play notes with it.
However, I am unable to use it to control Live and do things such as navigate channels, launch clips, play, stop, record etc.
  • I have copied the Remote Live script under Live's scripts folder.
    Live will now find QuNexus under MIDI Preferences
    According to the instructions I received from the MIDI Manufacturer, I now need to select QuNexus Port 1 under input and output.
My problem is that Port 1 does not show under the list of available inputs and outputs.

Can someone help, please?

Many thanks in advance
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Re: How to control Ableton Live using a MIDI Controller

Post by spkey » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:41 pm

This is depressing.
I bought the QuNexus to use as a controller for Live.

I need to be able to do simple things, launch clips, start / pause / stop, launch individual clips, navigate up and down the scenes.

The manual on QuNexus is laughable. It consist of a number of different PDFs with non-readable instructions and the author is making silly assumptions the audience understands this mumble.

The fact is the python scripts to control Live don't work, firmware has never been upgraded, the complimentary software that comes with it (the editor) makes no sense unless you're the one who built it and the support "team" is pretending all works fine unless you're stupid.

Every time I decide to spend an hour trying to work it out I end up putting it back to it's box.

If anyone who has managed to do anything productive with this device, ever sees this post, please ping me as I'm willing to even pay you a bit of money for a Google Hangout that solves some of my queries.


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Re: How to use QuNexus to control Ableton Live

Post by Airyck » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:35 pm

If the ports aren't showing up that means that your computer is not seeing the device. Are there drivers that you need to install for the QuNexus? I'd check to see if it's showing up as a device on your computer first and install or re-install the drivers. Once your device shows up on your computer you shouldn't have any issues with scripts working.
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