Customized Library/Packs - how to move to a new computer ?

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Customized Library/Packs - how to move to a new computer ?

Post by alec.tron » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:28 am

maybe someone with a good understanding of the internals of Live 10's half-baked database approach to Ableton's library and the old/Live 9's .cfg file based system for the library, could chime in as I am at the end of the pole from the looks.

- I have a customized library on a desktop, where (default, official 3rd party & inofficial 3rd party ) packs have been moved to other locations (via relocate functionality - which Live 10 only offers access to IF a pack has been installed/unpacked within live, and it has the necessary database connections...).
- Also, most packs' have had edits to their .cfg files so they do at least sort under a pack name that I can define and makes sense to me in my musical world (in absence of a functioning tagging and or taxonomy scheme in Live's Browser/library... or rather, due to software rot/broken windows inside of Ableton's 'house'/software, as this used to work and be the default Library organization method, which then had functionality removed/superceded over multiple Live releases, without giving the same abilities to us users, and this is now considered a 'hack' as it only works on old/3rd party packs, that are crippled/use the old system still, of which there are a lot...)

I would now like to move this library, which I have used (& worked on for years) to a new computer... not an unreasonable thing to expect one would assume...
But, without the database [connections], which are unique to the host/hardware (as Ableton Support has confirmed) and which get created when upacking/installing a pack only now, one apparently can not re-use existing libraries from what I was told... but the support person was also caveat-ing that this ticket was the first time they ever heard about the old .cfg files, that used to be the standard method to name/classify packs... which doesn't fill me with confidence in their reply tbh and people here might have found ways around this.

And yes - I could download each pack again, install each pack 1-by-1 again, move & re-locate each pack by hand 1-by-1 again where I need them to be, and edit/copy the edited .cfg one each as I already have it on my desktop.
But as that is a few hours of mind numbing clicking I'm hoping to avoid that if I can...


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Re: Customized Library/Packs - how to move to a new computer ?

Post by wearemindflux » Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:44 am

Why do you not just put them on a external drive and from there relink the library. Which you can find in the preferences.
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