Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

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Re: Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

Post by jestermgee » Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:41 pm

I'd personally be trying to save just a little bit more for a while and get something that will last. Most of those will do for now (some won't do for anything) but they aren't going to light anything up.

What you want to look at first for your $$$ is the CPU that offers the most cores and fastest processor speed (check benchmarks), then SSD, then 8GB+ ram. Unfortunately your budget isn't ideal. I would personally suggest to drop all the 1.xGhz models, they are basically office computers.

Second hand can be a bit of a gamble with laptops if you don't know the history. Desktops can have separate components replaced (even fans) but a laptop could have been used and never cleaned, have noisey or seized fans etc. A Macbook may be more reliable but the cost of getting them repaired or even looked at can be huge.

IMO, something around 2.5-3+Ghz min CPU speed i5 (quad, not dual) should be your minimum, 8+GB Ram or more, SSD (250GB or more) as the included OS drive. Then you want to make sure it has enough I/O for your needs. A desktop tower would be better value than a laptop and offer a longer lifespan with upgrades made easy, but not portable if that is what you need.

None of the PCs are my preferred choice but mainly I do not select HP models or Lenovo (along with Acer) I class them as office computers not serious workhorses. Some of the specs may make do but for how long you would enjoy the experience I don't know.

I currently run a laptop that is similar to this one you have selected there:

Lenovo Y50-70 15.6 inches 4K (3840x2160) Intel Core i7-4710HQ
CPU i7-4710HQ benchmark : 7737
16GB RAM, 1TB HDD+8GB SSD, Windows 8.1
£699 (USED)

Mine is an ASUS with the same CPU, same RAM and initially came with just a 1TB HDD. I only use it for Serato as I do not feel it is powerful enough for running my Live setups (never tried) but could actually do a half decent job without a large set. I was very disappointed in its performance tho when I got it due to the HDD. It would take approx 5 minutes to fully load Windows with almost nothing installed on it then a further 2-3 minutes to boot Serato. It also suffered from causing audio hiccups constantly.

I knew I may have issues since it was a mechanical drive so swapped that for a 250GB Samsung EVO fixed everything. The CPU (at the time 2 years ago) was a strong mobile workhorse for the cost, but just FYI I paid about £450 for that same CPU in an Asus name "brand new" but from a cabinet display (never powered on) but in my case they did not have the box or power supply so I had to spend $60 on a 120w P/S for it. That cost seems a bit high for second hand but it's probably the best one there. There is the i7-7500U and you would think the higher number = newer and better, but that is a dual core not quad so will have a lower performance score:

i7-7500U = 5172
i7-4710HQ = 7734
*passmark benchmark scores

Though the 7500U has slightly better single thread scores so can bang out a bit more on a single core compared to the 4710, but only has 2 cores.

Intel CPU numbering schemes are pretty confusing, you need to do your homework and you will learn a few things. Don't rush, take time to understand what you are getting and make every $$$ count. Use what you have found as a price point and keep looking.

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Re: Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

Post by ark » Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:57 pm

I used Live successfully for years on a machine about twice as fast as yours. However, it had 8 GB of RAM. Therefore, I think that if you were to increase yourmRAM to,8 or, preferably, 16 GB, you might be able to get it running fast though to use. 4 GBIs just not enough for,Live in the Windows 10 world.

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Re: Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

Post by Angel01 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:23 am

Wow! Thank you for the info!
I would like to try and find a deal in the Black Friday Sale, as I need to get cracking on getting some tracks down for my college application which I had hoped to make good headway with over the holidays, so I could maybe stretch as far as like £700 max.
Unfortunately I do need a laptop as I need this for college, and will be back and forth home->college so need my work to be transportable.
I will have a good look this week at what is on offer focussing on the CPU benchmark rating, 4 cores, i5 or i7, 16GB, and >2GHz ... wish me luck!

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Re: Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

Post by Angel01 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:26 am

One more question ... does it make any difference what the operating system is? The Lenovo one I was looking at is Windows 8.1 which seems quite old.

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Re: Ableton Live 10.0.3 takes 40 minutes to load!

Post by Angel01 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:44 am

And what about brands ... I am not a gamer, but I understand that gaming laptops are usually pretty powerful. But I have never heard of the makes MSI or Medion. TBH I had thought Asus was an unknown brand until it was mentioned in the post above.

If I have to give on one thing (due to costs) what would that one thing be? Memory? Processors? Speed?

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