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Losing channel info when importing a MIDI file

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:16 am
by holtyuk
Hi - I've got a load of MIDI files that I want to import into Live. I have exported the MIDI files from an old version of Cubase that I used to use with an Akai S950 sampler. They are simple files with around 10-15 tracks all assigned to different MIDI channels to trigger different samples in the S950.

When I import the MIDI file into Live, is all seems to be okay, I get the different MIDI tracks on different Live MIDI channels and all the MIDI note info is correct.

But, it looks like Live is not importing the assigned MIDI channel for each track. Each track is set to 'No Output' in the 'MIDI To' box.

Is there a way to get Live to assign the correct MIDI channel when importing a file? I've tested the MIDI file by loading it back into Cubase which assigns the correct MIDI channel, so I know the channel info is in the actual file.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!