Solo-safe with summing

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Solo-safe with summing

Post by rtroost » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:49 pm

Hi all-

Just thought I'd share the way that I get solo-safe behaviour with live 10, which is extremely useful for analogue summing.

The problem, as many have pointed out, is that there is no such thing as solo safe audio tracks in live, as there is is other DAWs. So if you solo a track which is pointed to an external out for
summing, it will mute all the other tracks including the ones on which the summed audio comes back into the DAW.

To work around this, I use a return track for summing. Return tracks do not have their output muted when ordinary (midi an audio) tracks are muted.

What I do is:
- instantiate an external effect on the return track with no "Audio To", and "Audio From" set to the external input with the 2-track sum
- set the 'audio to' for the track to Master. In theory, this can be pointed to another track which you can use to capture the summed output...but I have not tried that as there have been a number of threads about latency and delay compensation in return tracks that output to tracks with active sends.

That way, I can solo and mute to my hearts delight and hear it all through the entire summing chain.

It works well for me. I hope this is helpful to others.


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Re: Solo-safe with summing

Post by WonderTripp » Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:01 am

Hey I just found this out while searching for a way to solo safe.

Works pretty good ;)

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