PC message ghost on transport start / stop

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PC message ghost on transport start / stop

Post by winstonelectric » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:40 pm

Hi all -

I'm having an odd issue with PC messages suddenly. This really is only something mildly frustrating while setting up a live performance set or while working but...irritating still.

I'm running Ableton 9 (pretty sure it's the last version before 10) as my sequencer (notes / PC changes) for an Elektron A4 MK1, Korg MS2000, and a Moog Sub37.

I'm having an issue with the 37 where, after receiving the PC message and it changes the patch like it would normally...then maybe i'm flipping through other patches while the transport is stopped, transport is started again,the 37 reverts back to the previous patch from the last received PC message.

Of course the PC message clip is stopped and not looping. I thought maybe the problem was coming in on the Moog side since I don't have the iissue with the Elektron or the Korg...but when if i create a new session then open my previous session I'm not having the start / stop issue unless another PC message is sent which makes me think it's Ableton.

It's almost like the PC message is stuck in some sort of memory buffer and is somehow being resent the clip not being triggered and the Moog for whatever reason is the only synth that listens to it, haha.

Has anyone had this issue? Ghost PC messages?

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